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Containing item: "Noriet, the Dusky Guardian"
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Blessings of the Eternal Eclipse
Collection by: OniLolz
High res image: Luna felt her bones freeze upon entering the sacred lake of Selemene. Silver and black to the water, it was something unique and wonderful, a mixture that left her in hypnosis until the end of the eclipse....
Die Waldfee
Collection by: [SG1] Psycho Fred®
Полная коллекция,различных "Питомцев" Доты 2.
Collection by: Grand Master ツ
Это группа содержит,"Полную" коллекцию различных "Питомцев" Доты 2.
My Itens Dota 2
Collection by: I Miss You
Dota 2
Collection by: Idea=IQ ''Th3 B|@CK L!gh+''
All Dota 2 Collections.
Dota 2
Collection by: dani14teixe
Like to have in Dota 2
Collection by: Zinnhead
My favourite non-hero items from the Workshop, I would like to have in DotA 2
Collection by: "❤Sny❤"
My Fav's
Collection by: ▒▓ALEX▓▒
Collection by: Man Walking
Dota 2 Work, Work
my collection
Collection by: !★TƦ[A]DƩƦ★¡
Collection by: yy▲u
All of the things caught my attention. Simplicity and beauty.
Stuffs dat u carve
Collection by: ☞RoḈk3r™彡
these are the stuff i luv
Collection by: Piroduscleido
Dota 2 Workshop Valve Please Add These In-Game
Collection by: Haru Senpai
I have gathered cool and awsome looking things to this Dota 2 collection wich Valve should add in-game
Collection by: TheGrimReaper
my fav heros
Collection by: darkgecko13
Dota 2
Collection by: Sexxy Cuunnt
dota 2 stuff
Collection by: ---
Collection by: Mysterious Mounty
Dota 2 Items
Collection by: Samir Bagirov
My wanted dota2 items collection
Collection by: LuckDuck
looking forward
Lo que me Gusta ^^
Collection by: [NsV]...YaGaMi...
Dota 2 Favourite
Collection by: Dorae
Workshop collection
Collection by: avaican
Not really important
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