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Containing item: "Hood of the phantasmal Veil"
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Relics of the phantasmal veil
Collection by: Kageko
The sisters of the veil have held a set of garments worn by one of the founding sisters in their sacred archives. It is said whoever wears this will have their soul replaced by their phantasmal predecessor. WIP thread:
dota 2 :3
Collection by: Kevin :3
Dota Kollektion
Collection by: Legendary
My Dota Kollektion
Collection by: BATMAN
То что нраица)
Dota 2
Collection by: Densi
Best Items
Collection by: Llewelyn Moss
Dota 2-axe
Collection by: TRIPLEX
e foda
Collection by: Reyzz1.ESFXtv
Collection by: Twistfire
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