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Alien Apocalypse: Video Game Invasion
Collection by Zombie
A compilation of compatible Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer mods that make the game into something very different... Included are changes for every survivor, special infected, common infected, and weapon in the game. Updated: 3/30/15
sooper swaggio bros sooper swag
Collection by DJ Swag fetus
Collection by twitch.tv/LFSBattlar
This makes Left 4 Dead 2 COMPLETELY wierd... Try it out...
Left 4 Cory
Collection by Teddy Bunders
Cory in da house
Collection by sleazyzee
Collection of the dumb stuff
Collection by Duff Number 3
bunch of mods
Collection by SSU JONO :P
a bunch of awsome mods
bunkle accent
Collection by Katherine
for bunkles
the umm sure i like stuff collection thing
Collection by TheChadDaniels
stuffs all around
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