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Ghost Special Infected
Collection by Jules
For advanced gamers only. This effect applied to the special infected makes them invisible, although good players will hear them before anyone could see them. Use your flashlight to see their outline and shadow. Is Left 4 Dead not scary enough anymor...
¤¤¤best infected skins collection¤¤¤
Collection by Mongoro
this is the best collection of infected skins. they are not made by me but they are cool..... soo enjoy. have any questions or suggestions just tell me i WILL answer.
Left4Dead2 better graphic
Collection by PaRaNoiD v2.0 Reloaded
Left 4 dead 2 Fun mod with many different items/games and super horde!
Collection by Justnormal
Here is a huge selection of mods for a better gameplay experience. All infected are changed with many items in game. And the most important thing, the spiiter is a poltergeist and invicible(if you want to reveal him you need the night vision flashlight)...
Left 4 Fear
Collection by [MP] DoctorStrogg
Only Ghosts and Poltergeists. Never turn your flashlight off.
horrorish rustic thingy personal
Collection by Tis' but a scratch!
personal horror serious thing
left 4 dead skin
Collection by TsUnA [FR]
Ultimate L4d
Collection by Riesstiu
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