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My L4D2 Backups
Collection by: Slim
Just stuff to sub-unsub when errors/crashes happen. Or re-installs.
Saucy's HD Apocalpyse
Collection by: SαucyDαncer™
I have put together an HD Apocalpyse that will make almost every aspect of L4D2 better. This collection will provide many new HD items, weapons, and survivor skins. Hope you enjoy. I take no credit from any of these items.
Popular Addons
Collection by: Momotarou Mikoshiba (studying)
Hello Guys I'm making a collection of mods I DO NOT OWN but the're popular!
L4D2 Used Add-ons for Sync
Collection by: Discotizer
Left 4 Dead 2 The Definitive Collection
Collection by: Seamlink
This collection includes: items, weapons, melee weapons and a few extras! This Main Collection does not have conflicts in the Addons menu between them! IMPORTANT: Please UNCHECK all of your previous Addons for this to work! This collection does not in...
Bessy's Left 4 Dead 2 collection
Collection by: Kermit E. Frog
Random shit.Thats all I have to say
SlamJamSam's Good goodies
Collection by: Coal Captain
Goodies that I like
Dr. Who, HD, and Other Addons
Collection by: vanxanderton
Collection by: Imposter Giantdad
Important collection I use incase of Workshop failure
Collection by: Remindo Voltaire (why school)
[confusion intensifys]
Collection by: scary ghosties
what am i doing with my life
Marine Doga Collection gameplay
Collection by: Marine Doga Commander
I basically play with friends i want them see what i see in my gamemode of my stuff
Pyro Man Funbox
Collection by: PyroMan Elite Templar
Liked and favorited
Collection by: Mosquito
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