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Resident evil super duper archi mega ultra pack
Collection by YA TU SABE AMIGO
Resident evil super duper archi mega ultra pack Extra mods: HUD: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/6161 Louis: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9008 Nick, Coach, Ellis, Rochelle: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/9217 Zoey: http://www.gam...
Minecraft Pack
Collection by Super Saiyan God Goku
This gives you all the parts of death craft some l4d2 survivors gun reskins melee reskins and zombie reskins
Collection by theHalfman
Left4Dead2 Change the Game Collection is meant be a one stop SubscriptioN that will overhaul the look, sound and feel of the game while staying close to the original's playability. All of these Mods work together Perfectly in VS servers. - All Survivors,...
neu l4d2
Collection by stryke-aka-lingo
DeadshotCalamity's Mods
Collection by Jonblu10
These are the mods I use when playing l4d2. Enjoy.
Collection by Claydogh
For Left For Dead 2
L4D2 & L4D Skins
Collection by ^DubsteP.
Skins that i use in game if you want them
Gargantuan Crux Package
Collection by [Crux]Gargant
My Favorite Mods
Collection by DJxReonordo
Best mods out there imo :D
Lycaon's L4D2 history
Collection by Lycaon™
HD re-skins and/or mods that make the game look better
Collection by Rideout
Just a bunch of mods that re-skin some shit to make it HD or add a more realistic feel to it, or just mainly make the game look nicer.
Collection by 레바
제가 쓰는 애드온입니다. 그냥 구경만 하셔도 되욤~
HD Realistic
Collection by Root User
Left 4 Dead Gaming Office Sync
Collection by Dr. L. Krimms
Interstudio Mods so everyone sees the same thing on local games.
Nightwolf Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Nightwolf
Aos amigos amantes de uma boa luta...
Stuff I Use
Collection by Joe
Just the stuff i use
Epic HD / Realism and Graphic Overhauls
Collection by Squishy
This Collection includes all add-ons that are Conflict-Free (well some conflicts but confirmed still works together) with each other with High Definition and Graphics Over-haul add-ons as well as replacements for characters, weapons, special zombies and s...
Collection by Whole Horse
About:Blank's Realistic HD Collection
Collection by about_blank
My Add-Ons ( Items, Sounds.....etc.) Collection
Collection by Lord Blackthorn
These are some of the best add-ons, I've found. They all work together without any conflicts. Have fun ;)
Resident Evil Pack
Collection by DreddSupreme
A collection with all appropriete Resi mods for Left 4 Dead 2. It also has extra mods like different sky boxes, 90's jukebox, better L4D1 campaign loading screens and more. For Left 4 Dead 1 characters, it has Sherry from Resi 6 and also other character m...
Quinn's Toybox
Collection by Mild-Mannered Anon
The skins I'm subscribed to n' stuff.
Montiblanc's LFD2 Mod Combo
Collection by Montiblanc
gathered a combo of mods to use from some awesome workshop modders (includes third person shoulder view mod which u hav to press alt to turn on/off but it muffles shotguns) had to replace a few coz they caused consistency conflicts ( for ppl who wont b...
Collection by Admiral Pinecone
SlamJamSam's Good goodies
Collection by Big Boy Bara
Goodies that I like
InfamousFrooj's top Picks
Collection by Frooj
All the lovely mods and add-ons I currently use in Left 4 Dead 2. I do not own nor have created any of these. All credit to the creators.
L4D2 Enhancement Collection
Collection by xtoturnwithinx
Just a collection of mods I use for Left 4 Dead 2, collected into a list so my friends can access them.
NJLIA's L4D2 re-skin collection
Collection by NJLIA
NJLIA's L4D2 collection of HD skins, weapon re-skins, colour correction filters, improved HUD, etc. contributed by steam workshop the community. I did not collect every skins encountered in the workshop but extracted those preserving the original style. E...
Collection by .com
персонажи, оружие, текстуры и дохрена чего еще
Realism/Useful Mods Collection
Collection by Daniel6092
A Collection of mods that improve the realism of the game. They all work together aswell!
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