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K1CHWA's Animated, Glowing Texture Mods
Collection by TOG | K1CHWA
A COLLECTION OF ONLY THE STUFF THAT IS ANIMATED/GLOWING. please DO NOT redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own. Best place to go for modding advice - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Dead4Mods
Collection by R.A.P.T.O.R. 72ru
УПОРОТОСТЬ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun, interesting mods.
Collection by Mr. Oleg™
Some fun mods to enhance you're Left 4 Dead 2! By the way, I did not make these mods. If you want to give credit go to the real page of their item and post it. I will be adding more and more mods to this collection.
Some Awwsome LFD Mods I use
Collection by Pirate Captain Paws
I do not own ANY of these!
TRON Style BEST Collection
Collection by ~•۞CORSAR [72RUS]۞•~
They are the works of the best authors in the style of TRON. Subscribing to all of the products you immerse yourself in blue black light in the darkness. Enjoy your favorite shades at a time when deal with hordes of zombies. Good luck
bubscast Let's Play
Collection by Demonic King of Diddling
This collection contains only mods that are featured in bubscast Let's Plays of Left 4 Dead 2.
Super Fabulous Neo-Retro VHS Thingy-Dingy
Collection by Placebo Horse
A collection of weapons, skins, particles, et cetera that will give your game a sort of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon look.
Collection by ^DubsteP.
Items for L4D2
Collection by thekiller
ela e interessante pois vai me ajudar entender mais o jogo obrigada
Collection by Squishy
Inquisition : Daemonhunt
Collection by Venrez
Venrez's currently used Mod collection. I did not make any of the content contained within. This is simply for the ease of sharing with my friends so that we have the same experience.
Stuff I Use
Collection by Joe
Just the stuff i use
L4d2 cpllection
Collection by TheDeadMaster
some randome shit
Collection by Jihad Joe
Collection by Bursy
Coolekshin. Coksmashers unify
A bunch of stuff
Collection by Beta
This is for my fiend to use the same skins, that's all :P
My L4D Mods for Futuristic Zombie Apocalypse
Collection by Pandazooka
LFD2 Freedom Collection
Collection by Freedom
For the freedom user.
Collection by Rubick
Collection of mods i use...
Collection by Def Jam: sp1nn3rs
Here are my mods that I currently use on L4D2
L4D2 Jedi collection
Collection by MR Jedi
Najciekawsze moim zdaniem najfajniejsze przedmioty
Montiblanc's LFD2 Mod Combo
Collection by Montiblanc
gathered a combo of mods to use from some awesome workshop modders (includes third person shoulder view mod which u hav to press alt to turn on/off but it muffles shotguns) had to replace a few coz they caused consistency conflicts ( for ppl who wont b...
My Blue pack
Collection by Shaikor Jaratie
i have ocd about colors so sorry if you cant didnt find a certain color i will be making more collections based on certain colors
Collection by [M8S] Jimbo
Dracrius L4D2 Weapons, Players and Zombies
Collection by Dracrius
My Favorite Weapons, Players and Zombies
Collection by elmer320
Collection by ansatsu_S.
Collection by freezzkiller
SpriteFreezer Collection: Secondary Stuff
Collection by SpriteFreezer
Собираю второстепенные вещи в некоторой степени упрощающие игру. Могу корректировать в зависимости от найденого контента в мастерской.
Everything Else
Collection by ShreddedPaper
A collection of workshop items that I was planning to put into any of the packs below, but had a reason why I couldn't put anything into them. Short and simple. No stealing of products is intended. Note: If any of you people happen to come across th...
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