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Left 4 dead 2 Anime style
Collection by: Neko~Gamer ̂ ω ̂
In this pack i've searched and brought most of the anime stuff in the workshop together as well as i could, here you can choose from a variety of items to make your Left 4 dead 2 game cooler than it is now. ^-^ All of the items shown here, i didn't do t...
L4D2 (Anime pers,weapons.often)
Collection by: L'
L4D Touhou Collection
Collection by: Tracewyvern
Scar-kun's collection of L4D2 anime mods
Collection by: 【 Scar-kun 】
Just some randome anime mods, there's a little bit of every thing, i keep adding things to this... so come back and there might be more things here, i dont own any of these mods so.... yea
Collection by: Mechasawa
Touhou L4D2
Collection by: Kneesocks
Skype L4D2
Collection by: iN008 /iˌnuːb/
For people I play L4D2 with.
mlosm tier l4d2
Collection by: space
l4d2 mlosm tier
Collection by: [MI]Baka Desu
If you try to use all of these at once.... God help you
Collection by: sleepless
vry kawaii.
Collection by: Naamin~ *Away*
Just a collection to pimp out your l4d2 to make it Touhou~! :D
Collection by: ⑨Cirno⑨
A collection of all the crap i have
Our gameplay
Collection by: Rune
Collection by: BBA
kirby's left 4 dead 2 collection
Collection by: kasumi.kirby
Us Weebs
Collection by: Tsukasa Mikuni
Touhou! (L4D2)
Collection by: Dbag Chase
A small collection of one of my favorite things in the world, Touhou. And in it is my personal favorite mods for L4D2 This collection features mainly music changes to Special Infected, along with Survivor re-skins.
L4D2 Touhou
Collection by: Hotamura-chan
catte 4 goon
Collection by: {SK} Eternal Sailor Moon
i am 12 and what is this?
Collection by: elmer320
Skin's That I Like
Collection by: ℙυяℊℯ (Aishiteru ChouCho)
Skin's That I Like
stuff i use
Collection by: RevoltWoody
Collection by: snax
fun pack
Collection by: The Cryptograph
stuff that work's together i like
Service for you...
Collection by: MaidNeighbour {C²}
Selected collection by me, I hope it's suit you and make more fun to survive from the apocalypse.
L4D2 Faggot Cakes
Collection by: Mishi ✿
faggot waffles
L4D2 other my favorites
Collection by: [JP] Aliya
Touhoes and faggotry
Collection by: Senri Akane
It's touhou mods and skins for left 4 dead. Along with some extras such as cagueiro projecto.
LFD2 charters
Collection by: Huntergod
Lan Party of Awesomeness
Collection by: Pixelbane
Not for general consumption
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