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anime is NOW real
Collection by wm
Collection by Twowestex/Westeh!
A not-so-scary-joke halloween workshop addon collection pack. Let's make it more spooky :D If you have any problems with mdl errors, simply restart your Left4Dead 2 and wait a bit, until all the addons are loaded up.
Bill-X's Hotdog slap pack
Collection by Bill-X
If you need your dog slapped, this pack is for you.
Creepypasta - Modpack
Collection by Cappugino
Left 4 Crack
Collection by 4FCG
A crazy modpack fur meh and mah friends to use. (or other people if interested) I wil still be expanding this to add moar crazy stuff! DISCLAIMER: I own none of these mods, exept for mine!
Collection by Sharktits
Collection by ~Extra Sharky~
New Kids Nitro
Collection by Cappugino
L4D2 - This is MY (Colourful)armory!!
Collection by DestroyerGR
The cutest armory of all time!!
The Pojebator L4D2
Collection by kunarek™
leftfordetpojebatorproject kropkakreskakropka
Cyrus' Fuck House
Collection by BURGE
This is gonna be bad
Resident Evil Pack
Collection by DreddSupreme
A collection with all appropriete Resi mods for Left 4 Dead 2. It also has extra mods like different sky boxes, 90's jukebox, better L4D1 campaign loading screens and more. For Left 4 Dead 1 characters, it has Sherry from Resi 6 and also other character m...
Collection by jumpman6781
justin's stuff
Collection by seahawk the MONSTER HUNTER
only mods or maps i like will go in this collection.
Mods i use
Collection by tx267(TES)
Left 4 Dead 2 Pack
Collection by REKT
Collection by freezzkiller
L4D2 Jacob
Collection by Leet Lime
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