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(L4D2) Skins y armas
Collection by: Magnum ESP
Addons para L4D2 de personajes, armas e infectados.
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by: ♒Vinyl Scratch♒
This is a gather up of all of my addons
Collection by: The Level Three Head Honcho
Addons as of 8/12/2014
Collection by: x7 Western√∆
Penis LOL
L4D2 Shenanigans
Collection by: Black
dolla dolla bill ya'll
Scary as sh*t
Collection by: I am Moss. Who are you?
lfd2 josh
Collection by: Jack Booguly
not mine my bros
The Dungeon's Winter Collection
Collection by: The Dungeon Master
A Collection I made for me and my amigos, use at your own discretion...
Darrark's Favorite L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Darrark
Just a collection of my personal favorites for personal reference. I set "Items that work together" so that I can "subscribe to all" at the press of a button.
SpykeXD's Favorite Character Skins
Collection by: SpykeXD
Just some of my favorite character skins. This is for my friends so they can easily get to mods I may have mentioned before.
left for what the crap?
Collection by: Batman
This collection will make left 4 dead 10x scarier with random things like teletubies and the koolaid man
Collection by: jskode
Essential improvement mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
My L4D2 Complete overhaul(bowmann download for all my stuff)
Collection by: XxsH4DoWsOuLXx
just a collection of all my mods bowmann if you want my stuff then download
Collection by: B0LT
Just an experimental mod pack this may work.. maybe...
Для джима
Collection by: Mr.Render
ну для джима
Resident Evil Pack
Collection by: TAG
A collection with all appropriete Resi mods for Left 4 Dead 2. It also has extra mods like different sky boxes, 90's jukebox, better L4D1 campaign loading screens and more. For Left 4 Dead 1 characters, it has Sherry from Resi 6 and also other character m...
Raven's faves
Collection by: RavenDarkness646
Just some stuff I like. =)
Collection by: t3h_SpAdEs
Mi colección de add-ons para L4D2.
Collection by: Ellie.
Onion's Collection
Collection by: Bunnion
So this collection has all the things that I'm subscribed to, so I thought I'd share it. ( posted up here in case something goes wrong). Credits to all the creators.
Xzain TV L4D2 Addons
Collection by: Xzain Key
Addon's the Omega Lambda Videos' Crew uses in L4D2.
Collection by: A Friend of a Shadow
Collection by: Kellmer123
for mah niggas
Good gameplay for L4D2
Collection by: Bertok
Halo Guys here is my Good gameplay collection for L4D2 Have fun. my system: Nvidia Geforce GT 640 4096MB,Intel Core i5 4570 4x 3.20GHz So.1150 BOX,8GB G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2400 DIMM CL10 Dual Kit,2000GB Seagate Desktop HDD ST2000DM001 64MB 3.5" (8.9cm)...
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