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Resident Evil Pack
Collection by DreddSupreme
A collection with all appropriete Resi mods for Left 4 Dead 2. It also has extra mods like different sky boxes, 90's jukebox, better L4D1 campaign loading screens and more. For Left 4 Dead 1 characters, it has Sherry from Resi 6 and also other character m...
L4D2 mods for lazy ass sahil
Collection by Frankie The Cat
Beta L4D1 Models
Collection by Zid
From the early days before Left 4 Dead release.
My Fav. L4D2
Collection by Serjik
Collection by Shimo Istalri
Lone Underground Corporation's Gaming Collection. (For Left 4 Dead 2)
Collection by habalkris
Collection by Easy987
GReY's Recommended Collection
Collection by Nebula [GReY]
Collection of awesome mods that GReY approves!
Nightwolf Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Nightwolf
Aos amigos amantes de uma boa luta...
My l4d2
Collection by TatarVeteran
Skuttle's spookssss
Collection by Skuttle_Bucket
Collection by Taco
The Pojebator L4D2
Collection by kunarek™
leftfordetpojebatorproject kropkakreskakropka
flu's goodies
Collection by it IS a flu
my favourites
Collection by Grumpy Cat #Hate_Russians
Ma collection
Collection by Astartes906 [FR]
Juste une collection des mods que j'affectionne le plus. Je fait cela principalement pour pouvoir retrouver mes mods facilement car sinon je me perds quand je les ai tous dans le menu et pour indiquer plus facilement à mes amis quels mods prendre. ...
My Louis Collection
Collection by Lord Blackthorn
swag kids
Collection by Lil Mooi
L4D1: Beta Edition
Collection by Davos
I've decided to seperate my original collection 'L4D1 & 2: Ultimate Beta Edition' into two parts, one for each game. I feel that way would be more organised as to which is which. This collection contains most, if not all available Left 4 Dead beta addo...
Ultra High Definition Collection!
Collection by Trigger Happy
These are the best mods to play with if you're looking for a realistic experience.
Fitfit's Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by PioB.'Fitfit
Here is the list of mods I use with my Left 4 Dead 2 _________________________________________ Voici la liste de mods que j'utilise avec Left 4 Dead 2
Full Duke Package
Collection by I hate mean admins
Collection by Engel
Sugar's Left 4 Dead 2 Currents Collection
Collection by fooley
A collection of Workshop Mods that I currently have installed. This is a pack that contains mostly weapon reskins and player reskins that I tailor the game for some sort of seriousness.
Collection by April O'Neal
Mij Cosah (L4D2)
Collection by Ezero Nagashi
L4D2 Collection
Collection by II FerGie x
Random addons.
Lan Party of Awesomeness
Collection by Pixelbane
Not for general consumption
G4M3R027's Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by xX_DOSH_SNIPAH71686_Xx
Collection for my Left 4 Dead 2 server.
He dead!
Collection by Tom Orrow
Da im jebem mater!
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