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K1CHWA's Animated, Glowing Texture Mods
Collection by: TOG | K1CHWA
A COLLECTION OF ONLY THE STUFF THAT IS ANIMATED/GLOWING. please DO NOT redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own. Best place to go for modding advice - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Dead4Mods
Mods cool et sympas
Collection by: corbolero
Quelques mods sympas
Super Jolly Collection Uber Delta 5
Collection by: Rad Dude
L4D2 - Items
Collection by: m30w
Sub-category for item skins.
My Mods
Collection by: DJ Hellray
this is the collection of all the mods i use, subscribe to it if you wanna play with the mods i have.
Big 4 Comedy Collection
Collection by: HellaBoredGuy
Mods for groups to use to have a chuckle
Collection by: EnVinceble
This collection includes: - Scarier special infected zombies! - Funny fictional characters (batman, deadpool, juliet, deacon, jill valentine, jack, gramps) - An epic set of golden guns - Entirely modified set of melee weapons - Improved consumables...
left 4 dead
Collection by: O.G. Bobby Johnson
kool SuFF!!!
Alfanzo Action Pack
Collection by: Honorary Alfanzo
A colection of mods with no particular theme.
Black people
Collection by: Purgen
I'ma shank ya
Ultimate Workshop Collection [HD]
Collection by: Oculus Riftington
WARNING: This is a very large collection! This collection will change almost every aspect of Left 4 Dead 2 with some of the best workshop addons all working together, without crashing.* It is not recommended to run other mods as only those listed h...
Love It
Collection by: Steph Salus
Love It
The Fun Collection
Collection by: Joranator
A collection that has fun add-ons for your game!
Swagless Set
Collection by: Shotgun
Fiya pi dem.
All of the mods I use -_-
Collection by: Autistic DownSyndrome Furry Porn
This is a semi-complete overhaul. Replaces all the survivors, weapons, infected, and partials for everything else. The point of this collection is to make your game really weird.
Alfanzo Sci-Fi Pack
Collection by: Honorary Alfanzo
A Science Fiction Mod pack.
Funkadelic playthrough
Collection by: Eclipse
This is all the mods I play with, I put this up for my friends to use, go for it.
Top Kekes L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Killer Kekes
WildeAPB's Normal Setup
Collection by: Wilde_APB
The L4D setup i usally use.
How to ruin left 4 dead
Collection by: Ultimat3spaz
Collection by: Мишка
fer da lelz
Collection by: ILoveNalah
A mainly re-skin colection for me and my friends to laugh about.
L4D2 CPRS Mod List 1
Collection by: TheWolfeman
Mods used in the first 4 player Left 4 Dead 2 Let's Play from CPRS Gaming.
CrackerZach's Spooky Zombie Collection
Collection by: Uncle Spooks
For people who give a fuck.
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