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Killing Floor weapon sounds
Collection by: [UA] mukolah
Saucy's HD Apocalpyse
Collection by: SαucyDαncer™
I have put together an HD Apocalpyse that will make almost every aspect of L4D2 better. This collection will provide many new HD items, weapons, and survivor skins. Hope you enjoy. I take no credit from any of these items.
reZ's L4D2 shiT
Collection by: codthrasher69
Fun, sexy, and down right brilliant
Leeroy's collection
Collection by: Leeroy's Legacy
A few mods that I liked online :)
Andrater's Cherry Picked
Collection by: Andrater
My collection of best mods of all time, ever.
Hellish Future
Collection by: Solaris
This is the expirience I attempted to create hell in the future, of the year 2025. Now, this is my first collection I have done here on steam, so I hope you enjoy! By the way, don't expect to see any FPS arms for the special infected, a boomette model, or...
Collection by: mount
For my fellow gamers who like both like guns,killing floor,and more guns
Collection by: [Trading]Cyco_Fusion
Alll the best mods :D
Finest Weapon Sounds
Collection by: Hanzolo
Contains weapon sounds only. I carefully only picked sound addons which suit the game atmosphere and make it more arcade-like and fun to experience because of heavier audio feedback from the weapons. I only picked sounds which would fit into a decent acti...
The most random, and eyefucking collection i could ever made
Collection by: Darkver
All mods I currently have instaled.
Killing Floor Compilation
Collection by: Roger_Stone
Youtube Mods
Collection by: Detan Shi
used for channel
Collection by: Bret99
spooky scary skeletons
Collection by: CX-1-DA300 Browny
L4D skin packs
Collection by: legendary-SUPER SAYIAN
zhuyt's collection
Collection by: Environmentally Friendly
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