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Jonny's Character Ports
Collection by: [SC} | [BB2] JonnyBoy0719
The full collection of every character models that I have ported to Source. Some addons might also include raw files (SMD) for modders (will be written on the description). Have fun using them. c:
My Favorite Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for Left 4 Dead 2 that i thought were cool and wanted to share them with others in one convienient collection credits go to their respective owners
The Furry Collection
Collection by: Luki SnowyTail
Fellow Furs, Left 4 Dead missing something? Looking for that certain something to make your games more to your liking? With this collection I have gathered up, you can now make your games 100% more Furry than before, keep checking back now and again as t...
Some Awwsome LFD Mods I use
Collection by: Pirate Captain Paws
I do not own ANY of these!
L4D2 Skins & Replacers
Collection by: CrazyAssCC
Skins & Replacers I use or I'm considering using.
Awesome Mods I Found
Collection by: Psykotik™
This is a collection of some of the best mods I've found in the workshop. They can make the game very exciting for players who love modding every aspect of the game.
Ralathar's Choice Survivor/Infected Skins
Collection by: Ralathar44
This is my personal choice in Survivor/Infected Skins. After playing the game for many many many hours I've trended away from choices that fit in the game towards more colorful options. This is considerably more awesome, but be warned this can also make...
CDS Modpack
Collection by: moarofthat
This is a collection of the best L4D2 mods and maps made specifically for the Communist Dog Squad with the hopes of adding to the multiplayer experience.
Collection by: [NSFW] Master Heartfire
My mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
Rioclaws L4D2 required collection
Collection by: Rioclaw·rar
For anyone playing L4D2 with me
Sodalitas Infragilis - L4D2 Mod Set
Collection by: Calupulus
The Mods used in L4D2 by the Head of the Sodalitas Infragilis, Calupulus.
Kavex's L4D2 Installed Addons
Collection by: Kavex
All current subscripted items
Collection by: Lythar
Left 4 Dead 2 Pack
Collection by: REKT
Collection by: Moemoe Tsumugi
Emantk L4D2
Collection by: [FFG]Mr.E-ManTK
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