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Cool Mods For L4D2
Collection by: =(DS)=Dutchsnake5™
This Is A Collection Of Cool Mods I Recommend For L4D2. These Are Compatible With Multiplayer So No Commands In Console are Needed
Just for my freind
Collection by: Balsay
You won't like it, its not for you, move along
ShreddedPaper's Inventory Pack
Collection by: ShreddedPaper
Just a collection I can come back to easily just to subscribe and unsubscribe from inventory items. Stealing of products inside collection is not intended. Note: If any of you locals happen to come across this collection, make sure to subscribe to the...
Count Doge and Friends
Collection by: Count
A lot of them conflict so fix that.
Uninstalling L4D, keeping the addons
Collection by: Fяо₴ту Dё Maп
The Chosen
Collection by: Dickhead Urkel
My left herpe
Collection by: Hitler did nothing wrong
Hosaka's stuff
Collection by: Hosaka
justin's stuff
Collection by: HUNTER MASTER 3125
only mods or maps i like will go in this collection.
Mod I use
Collection by: ¡stalkerzebra!
All mod i use
Collection by: Kabbage318
Collection by: Sharkspit01
All my mods
Collection by: VanPeltz
for Robin Dahlman
Collection by: spectretimmy
This is a collection with its primary purpose being to serve the needs of Robin Dahlman, and his customisation of L4D2 just the way I have it. Because you know, best friends think alike. We are not gay, I have a libido.
I don't know, steam workshop is down, resubscribe to these mods every time I launch L4D2.
Collection by: VanPeltz
I don't know!!!
Collection by: Sp¤¤fman•VØDKA™
TF2 stuff
Collection by: Pootis Fairy
My addons that i use.
Collection by: Ymmat_in_the_hat
Just so i can find them if i ever need to find them again
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