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Containing item: "Glowing Health Pack (LIfesystems First Aid)"
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~For Friends~
Collection by: iiNFaMoUsZv2
Just for friends :D
bAX's l4d2 Collection.
Collection by: `by bAX
Cкажу сразу, все предметы не созданы мною :) Моих только 4
Best Realism Vanilla
Collection by: cpt_ricard
Random collection of realism-inspired mods. Mostly so i don't forget which ones they are
Collection by: Yuu
Modern Apocalypse
Collection by: RunixFlame
Feeling that the things in left 4 dead are a little out of date and looking for a collection that will suit your hd texture needs. Then look no furthur with the New Modern Apocalypse collection. The Modern Apocalypse collection has a wide assortment of we...
Left 4 Dead 2 Survival Kit (for Newbies)
Collection by: The Doctor
This is a personal compilation of mods to the game which make it much easier to play, especially for beginners. I did none of the work except try these mods out myself. Please visit the author's page and check out their other works. As for me, please l...
Mods test 2
Collection by: Planda
Capturize's mods
Collection by: Capturize
These are not my mods
Collection by: Mr.Alpha4life
Health Pack - Pain Pills - Ammobox - Military - Defibrillator - Adrenaline Shot - Molotov Jack Daniels - Pipebomb Green - Flashlight -
All Time Favs.
Collection by: Ѕucktacular
Mods/Add-ons I always use to either improve game-play or just add some unique fun.
My L4D2 Customization
Collection by: DrBones
Makes it look more interesting.
Ultimate Collection
Collection by: _underscoresmakemecool_
This collection is full of a bunch of weapons (and army rangers) for those that think the standard weapons are too "underpowered".
Game Changers
Collection by: Coin of Silence
THIS mod pack gives your game an extreme makeover! NOTES: Some add-ons may conflict with each other because of "thumbs.db" colliding in one or more add-on VPK's. DO NOT COMPLAIN to the original authors about it. It is a glitch file and not actively us...
Collection by: n64kev
just for games
My L4D2 Addons - Steam Cloud Gone
Collection by: |Atlas| AceofSnakes
Because Steam Cloud screwed up. :C
SmokeAlot LF4D Realism Mod Collection
Collection by: SmokeAlot
l4d2 work stuff
Collection by: Asher
Vintage man
Collection by: Vintage man
Basically any guns by Lt. Rocky or Doktor haus should be good.
Collection by: Two Steps From Hell
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