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A stack of twigs for friends
Collection by: Simman.pl
mostly meant for a major repo to share with friends
L4D2 Server Pack
Collection by: Jay
This isn't for you.
все для фарма
Collection by: Комар Царь
авп подсветка
Good and Dead
Collection by: Decimata
A collection of the good mods that make Left 4 Dead a little more interesting and fun. From guns, to constums, to the add on that make the game a little prettier. Just something that makes this easier to share with my friends.
Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: Zhuyin
Collection by: poiple
Cool collection of addons. It says Hitler is not compatible but it works.
Stabby's mod pack.
Collection by: Stabbums Cheekis
Just for some friends, ignore this. Or dont, basically aims to retexture everything possible. Lighting, weapons, items, NPC's, survivors. Blah blah.
L4D 2 Essentials
Collection by: Hintzke
These are the mods I have found to truly bring a new light and life into L4D 2. Enjoy!
Get this you B*tch
Collection by: Gearie
Collection by: -GL-Mr.Minority
mostly for friends
Left 4 Collecting
Collection by: jangoagogo
Maps and Mods
Collection by: UncleDrew
Collection by: Shadow Man
High res texture mods
Collection by: Bobobro
A collection of high res textures, what else?
First-Weapons | Maps | Models.
Collection by: [NYM].Shadow Raven
Nothing but the addons I'm currently.
PLAY_WIT_IT'S real deal pack
Collection by: I was Breast Fed protein shakes
just another realistic mod pack !!!!
Serious mods
Collection by: _Connor
Left 4 Dead 2 Serious mods
ridiculous and/or good
Collection by: aka Yung Table Tennis
just a few of my favorite things~
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