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Containing item: "[L4G2] Common Lifestealer Mudman"
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DOTA 2 Special Infected
Collection by: Coin of Silence
Some of your favorite Special Infected re-imaged as DOTA 2 heroes... And mudmen. If you are getting errors about consistency, it's because that the files combined are big enough as they are, try unsubscribing and resubscribing again, and make sure t...
L4D2 dota skins
Collection by: VACATION=REAL
Not my items, but i'm putting them together for my friends
=!*JEGUES*!= Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: =!*JEGUES*!=
=!*JEGUES*!= Left 4 Dead 2 Server Enhancement
L4D2 Dota 2 mods ( my favorites )
Collection by: FlameJonah29
These are a selection of all my favorite L4D2 mods based on dota 2. I do not own any of these mods just my favorites. Enjoy and suggest any other good mods
¤¤¤best infected skins collection¤¤¤
Collection by: Mongoro
this is the best collection of infected skins. they are not made by me but they are cool..... soo enjoy. have any questions or suggestions just tell me i WILL answer.
=!*L4D2 HaRd ZomBies MatriX*!=!*TCHEIO*!=
Collection by: Tcheio
Addons que utilizo em meu L4D2 para maior diversão.. desistale seus addons antes de abaixar esses e divirta- se em nosso servidor. Aqui está o link para os Addons que eu mesmo desenvolvi para maior diversão. https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=1606e5dd...
Dota 2 pack
Collection by: Natural Prophet
A collection of Dota 2 related mods
L4D2 Funzies
Collection by: !vDou DODGEBALL NOW
Skins for L4D2 survivors and Special Infected. Comes along with free Gay Bar Tank Music and some Sexual Healing up in here. SHIEEEEET.
Ralathar's Choice Survivor/Infected Skins
Collection by: Ralathar44
This is my personal choice in Survivor/Infected Skins. After playing the game for many many many hours I've trended away from choices that fit in the game towards more colorful options. This is considerably more awesome, but be warned this can also make...
GoldenGuy's L4D2 Workshop Collection
Collection by: GoldenGuy
This is a collection for GoldenGuy and his friends to screw around with in L4D2.
Collection by: 「TR」 matrh88
Friends mods
Left 4 Dead Random Shit
Collection by: Tom Chantler
Collection by: lele
for my friends
Collection by: Harry [Rocket]
Updated mod list for friends
AlMac's Super Bundle!
Collection by: Pat Man
My bundle of Joy.
My L4D2 Collection (Dota 2 Heavily with Walking Dead Characters)
Collection by: Endless
Every cool Dota 2 and Walking Dead workshop items here.
Collection by: Ghost
Cholmes266 Good mods
Collection by: Harry [Rocket]
A mishmash of mods, no sub to all button cuz they conflict, but are still awesome to mix and mash
Change of gameplay
Collection by: <)®Ξ§†۩ØTHIEFØ۩†§Ξ®(>
Очень много видов изменений, которые изменяют весь процесс игры. Для тех, кому надоела стандартная Left 4 Dead 2.
Collection by: PSICOMINGUEL
Dem mods tho
Collection by: Natural Prophet
Soo yeah, just the load ive got installed
L4D addons
Collection by: D0MiN0
umm yeah things where i like for L4D and L4D2 go here *
Dr. Ubershadow's Undead Zombie Mods Selection
Collection by: Dr. Ubershadow M.D.
My L4D2 Mod Selection for Gaming and Youtube Videos. I don't own or made the mods, I just use/play with them.
banes stuff
Collection by: BANE(TUNA_BANDITS)
Steppins Collection
Collection by: Cromlets
4 da steppins
Collection by: Yoshiki-san
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