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Bottles & Molotov's
Collection by Tя!cky ツ
Replace pills with Bottles and enjoy some Molly's too ツ
Nazi Zombies Collection
Collection by $uokukko
Collection by The Australian Assassin
Don't use the teletubbies on the passing, any other campaign is fine, I spelt it FUM for a reason.
ShreddedPaper's Inventory Pack
Collection by ShreddedPaper
Just a collection I can come back to easily just to subscribe and unsubscribe from inventory items. Stealing of products inside collection is not intended. Note: If any of you locals happen to come across this collection, make sure to subscribe to the...
random lets play stuff
Collection by Floop
Collection by hotrod747
its just l4d2 stuff i like
Collection by NigaBigs (Toka Takanashi)
For Shrew and Jake
Zombie Slayers
Collection by Cpt.0bviouss
This collection has some of the best Zombie slayers from different games and movies, Mix up your team a bit with Shaun, Leon Kennedy, Clementine and much more. This also includes weapons, infected and sound mods. Hope you enjoy this collection
Awesome L4D2 shit
Collection by TehJOOCEisLOOCE
Collection by RainbowWind
Left for dead mod in a pack :D
Collection by tmlemieux3
Make YOUR L4D2 Beautiful
Collection by TermsofUse999
Collection of modifications for making the game look better. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3n7g5wSJGQ
Zoobys Super Custom Game
Collection by KillerthePikaPi
L4D2 Rawr!
Collection by Ricmetal
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