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- [ Peril's Immersive Collection ] -
Collection by Peril
Your Thu'uum is strong, Dovahkiin.
L4D2 - Replacement Mod Collection (better Graphics, Blood etc.)
Collection by JaxxMax
Collection of (HD) replacement Graphics, Mods, Skins and improvments to the L4D2 World. Thx and honor to all Modmakers!
L4D2-The Definitive Collection 2015
Collection by Seamlink
Special Features: -ALL WEAPONS REPLACED, All throwable, melee and guns! http://imgur.com/a/6fXcI -This whole collection WORKS IN THE MULTIPLAYER it doesnt have any bugs in first or third person, the original reload animation times have NOT been chang...
Alio's Left 4 Dead Military ENB Collection *Getting Updated 2/15-2/22*
Collection by DG| Alio
---------For best download experience, subscribe from top to bottom one by one. Your first load-up will have everything in order----------- -Update Feb 2015- After slimming down for a while and focusing on a Titanfall theme, this week I'll be rebuffing...
Derpy stuff for me and icecube
Collection by LordofMooMoos
I like food
Magic's Collection
Collection by » Magic « ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
stuff to make /it/ work
IL - Halo Addons
Collection by iTz Lazerz
NOTE: I have made NONE of these addons. These are just some of the Halo/RvB addons I use in L4D2. Enjoy
Half-Assed "This is My Shit" Collection
Collection by Yar
This is a buncha shit I'm using for L4D2, honestly I forgot what half of them did / were.
KittyCat Modpack
Collection by DoGeeeee
meow such mods
Jstrikes pack of doom
Collection by Jstrike900
Collection by Vivi-1 | Pizza de démolition
Contient une liste d'arme alternative pour L4D2.
Realistic Fun Fanatic
Collection by RoostedBeaver
Just what i like and find the best fitting in a post apocalytpic envoriment
Chimaira Gaming Collection
Collection by Metal
Collection for our Clan so everybody has the same skins
parrapoopers L4D2 mod collection
Collection by Forrix
mods used by me and friends for L4D2
Collection by E.N.O.T.I.K.
Collection by Vivi-1 | Pizza de démolition
Contient des mods qui améliorent votre expérience de L4D2, sans en changer la nature.
Mods i use 2.0
Collection by Mr_Dr_Walrus
Its mods i use. Deal with it.
L4D2 Stuff
Collection by Swaggis Broatheon (CookieDingo)
Some Stuff
Collection by Squishy
Inquisition : Daemonhunt
Collection by Venrez
Venrez's currently used Mod collection. I did not make any of the content contained within. This is simply for the ease of sharing with my friends so that we have the same experience.
Realastic (Left 4 dead 2)
Collection by ╚-{(::™113300™::)}
This is my cool pack.
Collection by Monty Bot
Collection by MagnificentOven
Full the most epic shit i can get my hands on! none of this stuff is mine its just of collection of things i like all credit goes to the creator of these wonderful addons for left4dead 2.
Collection by Наглый голубь
Collection by SethorJhonbox [ARG]
La kolection
L4D2 Ex!Pack
Collection by Ex!Square
Download Tehm NOW
Collection by Austin
Has a wide variety of mutations and maps .
mw2 the vest skins the vest weapons.... tambien en español or in english
Collection by rexoscar99
the vest call of duty mods I leave this link for the skin to have seen a very k mw2 just go to the left 4 dead 2 addons folder there and then put it in the workshop folder and you will have gains a juggernaut as a coach ellis nick as a soldier and rochel...
Left 4 Dead 2.5
Collection by Ravi
Just try and decide :)
L4D2 mods
Collection by Pendragon
misc mods I collected so far...
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