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Things and stuff
Collection by Tobio 3630
Just a bunch of mods I've got that make the game more reaslistic in my opinion. Some of them are actually just things that I like, and a lot of them are custom campaigns. No conflicts though, so go ahead and subscribe to everything if you want. (It says t...
Extra Campaigns
Collection by Vector
Just some campaigns for me and friends to play.
L4D2 Campaigns
Collection by Carbonated Maple Syrup
Left 4 dead fun
Collection by Cobalt356
Stuff...stuff and more stuff
Awesome Collection
Collection by Kablam69
Has everything from guns to textures in this collection. Just a bunch of stuff I use and enjoy. Credits go to everyone for creating this awesome stuff.
the mods i use
Collection by MattBrandt
Tropezator's Top Campaigns
Collection by Tropezator
selection of top rated campaigns as of May 1st 2014
All my mods
Collection by VanPeltz
GCFTW L4D2 Customs
Collection by ❤ crasX.gc ❤ | BLACKHAWKS
custom maps
Devil Spawn L4D2 Map Pack
Collection by BetterDeadThanRed
Collection of Maps not made by me
Collection by Loco Akiba
Collection by Hello, I am cheater
left 4 deads shit
Collection by wankynan
The Aetherreaper
Collection by greystonegorilla
Pretty awesome stuff
L4D2 Maps
Collection by Trope
Paulisdead18's Campaign Map Pack
Collection by Paulisdead18
This is just a collection of the custom campaigns i've installed so my friend's can play them too.
SpykeXD's Favorite Maps/Campaigns
Collection by Spyke
Here are all the maps and campaigns I have installed.
mapz fo niggers
Collection by Austin
Left 4 Shit maps
Collection by MJay229
shit maps jk
My L4D2 Complete overhaul(bowmann download for all my stuff)
Collection by XxsH4DoWsOuLXx
just a collection of all my mods bowmann if you want my stuff then download
Stormy's L4D2 Mods
Collection by Benjamin Netanyahu
I made this mod for my friends that wanted to play with me. I also wanted to share my personal favorites. I do not take credit or ANY of these mods. Feel free to download them :D
l4d maps
Collection by Overkill
good maps
Blake3223's list for friends
Collection by Blake3223
Collection by Homeraon
My Addon List
Collection by DrScubaSteve
For Danny
Yuki's Left 4 Dead Mods
Collection by Zamari
stuff for friends
Collection by CUTZ
Collection by sonic_chow798
GCN Campaign To-Play List
Collection by {GCN} wisey
Left 4 Dead 2 Maps
Collection by Mr.PugsAlot
All the Fun Maps
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