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Crazy Lovecraft's Mods
Collection by: H.D. Lovecraft
Pack Mod Eucalipto
Collection by: Reverse
Queste sono tutte le mod che uso io... Scaricatevi quelle che vi piacciono e/o le mappe su cui vogliamo giocare
Mods i use
Collection by: That ONE fucking guy...
lfd2 goobi pls
Collection by: iLIAS
Just a compilation I made for myself and a friend. It's not for you. Don't download. Don't rate. Move on. Thanks.
Collection by: Chron Kyrios
All the campaigns i am subscribed to as of 2014-01-24
stupid shiet
Collection by: louAYY- charlotte no
L4D Co-op Pack
Collection by: Zayhev
Have what I have.
Back up
Collection by: InfectiousViper
Just a back up of all my addons.
L4D maps
Collection by: codybcca
Spec4Dead Versus Collection
Collection by: Sexual Harassment Spitter
A collection of Versus mode campaigns featured on my server, Spec4Dead.
campain collection
Collection by: lone wolf games
a fun collection of campains whit the addons you need to play the maps
Left 4 Shit maps
Collection by: MJay229™
shit maps jk
My L4D2 Complete overhaul(bowmann download for all my stuff)
Collection by: XxsH4DoWsOuLXx
just a collection of all my mods bowmann if you want my stuff then download
All my mods
Collection by: VanPeltz
Extra Campaigns
Collection by: Vector
Just some campaigns for me and friends to play.
Collection by: TeddysAngel
this is for the knight server
Awesome Collection
Collection by: kablam69
Has everything from guns to textures in this collection. Just a bunch of stuff I use and enjoy. Credits go to everyone for creating this awesome stuff.
Devil Spawn L4D2 Map Pack
Collection by: BetterDeadThanRed
Collection of Maps not made by me
Collection by: Akiba
Collection by: Hello, I am cheater
Tropezator's Top Campaigns
Collection by: Tropezator
selection of top rated campaigns as of May 1st 2014
the mods i use
Collection by: MattBrandt
Collection by: ゞD.Kღ
Collection by: dawg0
left 4 deads shit
Collection by: wankynan
All the stuff I have subbed
Collection by: Chris "CJN" Niiva
all the stuff I have subbed
Hate mnts
Collection by: ShamSamarah
Collection by: Мишка
Collection by: [RDD]darkorius.dunkelwald
My addons that i use.
Collection by: Ymmat_in_the_hat
Just so i can find them if i ever need to find them again
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