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Mods Coise
Collection by Alex ✪
Donars Mapsammlung
Collection by Decay
Zusammenstellung von einigen Kampagnen. Ich habe keines dieser Mods erstellt, nur zusammengestellt!
OPD Left 4 Dead
Collection by Mahoutie
Collection by The Zanzibarland Namaste
Only the swaggiest of the swag shall reign.
L4D2 Campaigns
Collection by Korgi
Collection by WiggelzTheSkrubLord
Collection by Count Chocula
Tethys' Map collection
Collection by Tethys
Collection of campaigns that I found really fun. Comment with some other fun campaigns that I missed.
My fav maps
Collection by TheMig
Sateriok's Collection
Collection by Sateriok
Just what I use. Lots of Campaigns.
Collection by __--Cyborg™--__
[COBF] Mods aleatorios e interesantes.
Collection by COCO-ALFA-1
La mayoria son mods que hacen del juego un lugar mas comico, como la frase de "¡A FEGAR!" en el audio del cuerpo a cuerpo, y la motosierra imaginaria de homer en vez del sonido de la motosierra.
Collection of mods i use...
Collection by Def Jam: sp1nn3rs
Here are my mods that I currently use on L4D2
Ma collection
Collection by Astartes906 [FR]
Juste une collection des mods que j'affectionne le plus. Je fait cela principalement pour pouvoir retrouver mes mods facilement car sinon je me perds quand je les ai tous dans le menu et pour indiquer plus facilement à mes amis quels mods prendre. ...
Lone's Mods
Collection by Lone Assassin
A collection of my currently subscribed mods.
L4D2 mods
Collection by Ivan Papirosa
Моды, которые стоят у меня. Делал коллекцию для друзей.
방울의 애드온 모음집
Collection by 방울
방울과 같이 레포데 캠페인을 플레이 하기 위해서 필요한 애드온들의 모음집 입니다.
For friends
Collection by Sareth190
some text
cody king kong
Collection by rufernaiter556
cody and friend
L4D2 Campaigns Collection
Collection by [Kanga Klan] foxyguy13
Tons of Maps that I found enjoyable all in one big pack!
Stuff that I like
Collection by Level 100 Hermit
I don't actually use most of this stuff in game, I just put cr@p here that I find interesting. Some of these items may not be compatible or whatever.
Campaigns Smerg Uses
Collection by Smerg the Dargon™ [PCMR]
wof™ Campaign mods often conflict with themselves, so just ignore that. Also contains a few campaign-specific mods that should be disabled when not playing said campaign (i.e Minecraft Special Infected)
Coop Fun
Collection by Doc Hussey
LFD2 Army pack
Collection by Scorpy
I got board playing as survivers so i got some of the mods of the works shop and made this so big thanks to all the mod makers you guys are awesome :)
Download Tehm NOW
Collection by Austin
Has a wide variety of mutations and maps .
Hacks L4D2 Kollektion
Collection by Hackntot
Für mehr geballer in L4D2
maps and shiz
Collection by Shake
Collection by DrDinkleBottom (not gay)
L4D subed items
Collection by burningfury
[HJB] Murx Llan Collection
Collection by [HJB] Murk
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