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Your own custom apocalypse
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Ma collection
Collection by: Astartes906 [FR]
Juste une collection des mods que j'affectionne le plus. Je fait cela principalement pour pouvoir retrouver mes mods facilement car sinon je me perds quand je les ai tous dans le menu et pour indiquer plus facilement à mes amis quels mods prendre. ...
Macco's Superb Collection
Collection by: Båten
Collection by: Degendao
Los Skins y Misiones que considero estan buenas para usar.
Inquisition : Daemonhunt
Collection by: Venrez
Venrez's currently used Mod collection. I did not make any of the content contained within. This is simply for the ease of sharing with my friends so that we have the same experience.
Ozzy's maps and shit
Collection by: Ozymandias
dont worry about it
Download Tehm NOW
Collection by: XxStoner32xX
Has a wide variety of mutations and maps .
Medic's L4D/L4D2 Collection
Collection by: {MLP4}Dr.Medic
"I have a few things for you here... hope you ENJOY ... or you're alive
Chances Collection
Collection by: ChancexlanD
Levels Hud Lasers
Hacks L4D2 Kollektion
Collection by: Hackntot
Für mehr geballer in L4D2
Collection by: DrDinkleBottom
[HJB] Murx Llan Collection
Collection by: [HJB] Murk
Collection by: Ouile
Collection by: Comma-Kazie
The best maps on the Steam workshop. Don't miss out!
나만에 모음집
Collection by: 르카릉
최양 존중 냥?
Collection by: 르카릉
Collection by: McBerti
Kavex's L4D2 Maps Collection
Collection by: Kavex
All Subscripted Maps for L4D2
Personal collection
Collection by: Rul3zr
These are just mods that i use graphics and story content
Yea Boi
Collection by: Pany
Collection by: HordesOfKailas
A combination of new skins, AI, levels, and some other cool shit.
Collection by: Raampage o.O
New Campaigns + Visuals
The Humble L4D2 Mod Bundle (Mods I use.)
Collection by: Boborifics (Feel Good)
Here's the mods I use, All Great Mods, but *some* may break the immersion for some people, i just think that the ones that do are pretty cool, and you have a diffrent point of view from that so I don't care. (Warning: Conflicting Mods, just turn the Mods ...
KdT L4D2 Maps & Mods
Collection by: ak1ra
Maps und Mods für den Keller
L4D subed items
Collection by: burningfury
Left 4 dead fun
Collection by: Cobalt356
Stuff...stuff and more stuff
Collection by: eXophobia
personal collection to be shared with friends
My Downloads
Collection by: The British Bard
Stuff I've downloaded for L4D2
Blake3223's list for friends
Collection by: Blake3223
Collection by: Homeraon
My Addon List
Collection by: SteelReserve211
For Danny
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