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Containing item: "I Hate Mountains Part 3/4 - Don't forget the other 3 parts to avoid errors !"
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Ozzy's maps and shit
Collection by: Ozymandias#Can'tPlayShit
dont worry about it
Download Tehm NOW
Collection by: XxStoner32xX
Has a wide variety of mutations and maps .
Ma collection
Collection by: Astartes906 [FR]
Juste une collection des mods que j'affectionne le plus. Je fait cela principalement pour pouvoir retrouver mes mods facilement car sinon je me perds quand je les ai tous dans le menu et pour indiquer plus facilement à mes amis quels mods prendre. ...
Collection by: Kellet9009
some adddons
parrapoopers L4D2 mod collection
Collection by: Forrix
mods used by me and friends for L4D2
For friends
Collection by: Sareth
some text
Medic's L4D/L4D2 Collection
Collection by: {MLP4}Dr.Medic
"I have a few things for you here... hope you ENJOY ... or you're alive
Chances Collection
Collection by: ChancexlanD
Levels Hud Lasers
Kusari Server Plugins
Collection by: Mr-Dead
Plasmacubed's LFD2 Mod Collection
Collection by: Plasmacubed
The Mods I like and use 8/8/2014 *Note I can't vouch for the Campaigns in the pack as I just added them on this date 8/8/2014 without playing them.
IKU's collection
Collection by: IKU
collection for my friends
Left 4 Dead 2: "I Hate Mountains" Campaign
Collection by: JoshLmao
Collection of mods used for our "I Hate Mountains" campaign playthrough
Hacks L4D2 Kollektion
Collection by: Hackntot
Für mehr geballer in L4D2
Collection by: DrDinkleBottom
Collection by: Ouile
Collection by: Comma-Kazie
The best maps on the Steam workshop. Don't miss out!
나만에 모음집
Collection by: 르카릉
최양 존중 냥?
Collection by: 르카릉
Yea Boi
Collection by: Sir. Shrekington IV
Collection by: HordesOfKailas
A combination of new skins, AI, levels, and some other cool shit.
Collection by: eXophobia
personal collection to be shared with friends
My Downloads
Collection by: The British Bard
Stuff I've downloaded for L4D2
L4S (Left 4 Stupidity)
Collection by: TwoTails
Just some mods me and my friends like! {NOTE} they may say the some are conflicting, but they work as should. don't worry.
L4D Wurstpack
Collection by: Bjialdorn
Supa Dupa!
For Abby and Sam
Collection by: Catbug
for you guys
L4D2 Co-Op Maps
Collection by: Observer
RebornShadow's Favorite Stuff
Collection by: OSG | RebornShadow
Just a collection of my favorite campaigns, weapons, skins, etc.
Microbolt's Dedicated Server Left 4 Dead 2 Maps
Collection by: Microbolt
Collection of maps hosted on Microbolt's Dedicated Server
Collection by: [JP] Aliya
Collection by: Raampage o.O
New Campaigns + Visuals
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