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Super Fun Time Collection
Collection by: Kale Leafy
All mods apart from maps for L4d 2
Collection by: Ragnar Lothbrok
This has all the mods i have apart from the maps for l4d2 which are in a different collection!
EpicDeathGuy's Colletion of Random peepz
Collection by: EpicDeathGuy
Riley is Gay
Collection by: Mr. Skeltal
Collection by: mount
What is this I don't even
Collection by: Terumitsu
Just a collection I made for my friends to use. You may need to type in 'sv_consistency 0' in the console to get these to work in single player or when making a server.
L4D2 Crazy Pack
Collection by: puNDuKE
Crazy, strange, and unusual things you will find in L4D2
Jack's Shit Pack of Stuff and Packs
Collection by: Jack Mouse
This is my stupid ass mod pack full of random shit. Don't download it. Or else. squeak squeak.
Collection by: CrazedTaco
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: peco the god
Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: Zhuyin
Collection by: CrazedTaco
Collection by: Tri Attack
"PooInYoButt" L4D2 Pack
Collection by: Mr. Pedrobear
Bill-X's Sord and Skins pack
Collection by: Bill-X
Extra Skins and a new sord to send you dog to the MOON! Made in a different collection for less lag, make sure to delete previous master sword to use a new sord.
Fucked up l4d2 again
Collection by: MrHeolsen
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