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epic mods!
Collection by: Sebastianator
This is all the mods of my friends and others please rate thanks! if you do you ROCK
In The Bag's Fanatic L4D2 collection
Collection by: Shinji Ikari
Yes, this collection includes all guns, infected and survivors as well as a lot of other shit. Enjoy! Also, if some mods seem to be interfering with eachother, take care in what mods you have currently installed. I remove mods here to add new ones, which...
The Fetus Experience
Collection by: XxXFr3dd7FaZeB3arXxX
Basically, a collection of all the shit that I use in l4d.
Bradly's L4D2 collection
Collection by: Bar4911
Collection of mods for a nice change in your regular l4d2
Collection by: Sharktits
Complete Nonsense
Collection by: BlazeHedgehog
Hey, are you the kind of person who wants to make their Left 4 Dead 2 look and sound kind of weird? Then I DARE you to click "Subscribe All". Hopefully there aren't any conflicts.
Collection by: sonic_chow798
Zach's Pretty Uvula
Collection by: NICK CAGE (UH-G)
N30's Collection 2
Collection by: ☆N30☆
Pack Kymina
Collection by: Spooky Boogie
Collection by: GeneralKrause
Okay, Chad.
Best of all cheat related things
Collection by: ExplosiveDolphin
lots of cheat based things like jump unlimted ammo achievement maps and more
Swag Swag Mark II : Swag Swag, On You
Collection by: (☆★420★☆) The Best
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