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Containing item: "Resident Evil 6 Characters - Sherry Birkin Snow Outfit"
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Resident Evil 6 Characters
Collection by: Cra0kalo
A collection of characters from Capcom's Resident Evil 6.
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Tuong
My Left 4 Dead 2 Collections ...
Seamlink´s Collection of Best Weapons/Sounds/Maps/GFX V3 July 2014 Update [HEAVY]
Collection by: Seamlink
THE BEST COLLECTION OF WEAPONS HERE! + Sounds, maps, gfx July 2014 Update Collection with WEAPONS ONLY >>> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=282871204 Now with more HD Items! For thirdperson Try to type "exec autoexec" in console. ...
The Full Resident Evil Collection
Collection by: CrazyGamer
The Full Resident Evil Collection This took along time A VERY long time to gather all the mods but now its here! SOME MODS WILL CONFLICT!
Resident Evil in L4D2
Collection by: st-MK
Best Resident Evil mods for Left 4 Dead 2 found in Workshop.
Sultan Deck
Collection by: (NEY) Sułtan
Oh my god this is awesome!
Mods cool et sympas
Collection by: corbolero
Quelques mods sympas
LEFT 4 DEAD 2 / Resident Evil 6
Collection by: WinDoz
В этой коллекции мы представим вам специальные моды для L4D2 связанные с Resident evil 6 .
Weaporns & characters collection
Collection by: Leonardo
This collection includes new skins of weapons, some campaigns and skins of players from residnt evil. All mods work 100%
One K
Collection by: One K
Resident Evil
Collection by: vomder
List of character replacements from Resident Evil to L4D
Hyrul's installed mod.
Collection by: Hyrul
Just for my friends.
Collection by: Lost Barack Obama
its stuff
Collection by: Bankai
Caricters Ive Loaded
Collection by: captainediv
its been hard to find some of the charicters so i disited to put all the ones ive loaded
Danifers Mod Pack :)
Collection by: Goots
A collection of mods found on steam workshop like what else :l
Resident Evil + Halo
Collection by: Vector
Stuff for friends to get!
Collection by: RITZ QUEK ♡
Love all the items here! Make my eyes happy hehe
Collection by: R.A.P.T.O.R. 72ru
Resident Evil Collection
Collection by: Matulaak
A bunch of items making L4D2 feel more like Resident Evil.
Collection by: PSeuDo
Collection by: R.A.P.T.O.R. 72ru
Undead's Favorites
Collection by: UndeadSniper
This is a big list of mods I've collected for L4D2. Most are to make the game feel more realistic, with more badass-feeling addons rather than comical. Also includes some nice campaigns I've found. I hope anyone who decides to try these out gets as much e...
tom joyce
Collection by: ELITE-SNIPPZZ321
HD + Better Skins- and Sound- pack
Collection by: Steeldino
For everybody who loves scarier zombies, cooler survivors and a realisticer world with realisticer items!
Collection by: iGoTNoiD
Workshop is the worst thing ever
Collection by: LAIN
Resident Evil 6 / Titanfall / Army / Military / Cs:Go Weapons / Sounds
Collection by: ODST | Medan
Resident Evil 6 / Titanfall / Army / Military / Cs:Go Weapons / Sounds
Collection by: Laminos
L4D 2 things
L4D2 Uniduo
Collection by: [Uniduo] Jack Benny
Just some stuff to make playing with friends easier if they don't have the right mods.
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