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Left 4 Jaykin 3: Super Sugoi Adventures Episode 2
Collection by: Sajuuk~
Recommend playing in a listen or locally hosted server. Some mods included require sv_consistency to be set to 0. Pack contains over 1gb of content, you have been warned. Assuming you have no other subscriptions, the following items which will flag...
The collected dead
Collection by: Chiron Maximus
That which has died will always be accepted here.
Left4Futurama 2
Collection by: StupidNameHere
The game mode that makes this a whole different game to me. i laugh so hard playing this game now. so hard. best of my knowledge, everything works online so you may be the only person laughing about the game but at least it doesnt change the core essen...
For my L4D2 experience
Collection by: ShadowmoonValken
addons i have
Collection by: [RGN] sneakyD3ninja
none of this stuff is mine its just the addons i have
Collection by: Blaze1950
Za prijatelje
Kill zombies with fun
Collection by: RacoonGamer
The mods I take to play with fun. *Maybe not funny for you*
Garbear's Favs
Collection by: TheStayPuffed.
Current Used Mods
Collection by: Ross Perot
L4D2 Doomlist
Collection by: Doomcakes
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