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Nazi Zombies
Collection by: MechasaurusHD
This collection is for WaW/Black Ops Zombies fans
Fingers' Favorite Realism Mods L4D2
Collection by: ₪.₪ Fingers
With the exception of the character skins, this collection gives the game a more realistic feel. After playing the game so long I was beginning to get bored and these items were able to help breath new life into the experience for me. To summarize, al...
L4D2 - Maps (Campaign, VS, Survival & Scavenge)
Collection by: lil_meow
Large maps are linked as collections at the bottom. More Maps coming as soon as more maps are added to workshop. Maps should also include: Arena of the Dead 2 v.5.0 (8.3 /10) http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=3571 Haunted Forest v.1.3 (9....
My Collection For Friends And Borrowing I
Collection by: kik4444
Just my collection and friends may also borrow it.
Sci-Fi/Horror pack
Collection by: BeastLord
Download this collection..... IF YOU DARE. This collection includes: - Aliens - Mutants - Demons - Various Maps AND MORE! Player beware, you're in for a scare.....
Left 4 Soup
Collection by: jacobthing
This is for my compadres and encased inside this file are some pretty neat mods I think they will enjoy. (Zac don't be a jerk download this atleast)
mw2 the vest skins the vest weapons.... tambien en español or in english
Collection by: [GKESP]rexoscar99
the vest call of duty mods I leave this link for the skin to have seen a very k mw2 just go to the left 4 dead 2 addons folder there and then put it in the workshop folder and you will have gains a juggernaut as a coach ellis nick as a soldier and rochel...
For Bear Gryllis
Collection by: CranberrySauce
A collection that my friend wanted. He wabts all of my mods.
My Collection of Maps
Collection by: theblackwidower
Just a collection of maps I like.
Left 4 Roleplay And Other Things
Collection by: [UNKN?]╓═-◄=BradyDarkspear ♪♪♪
Blargh Collection
Collection by: <CH> F R O Z I K
Collection of maps for my friends.
Collection by: Ulfberth War-Bear
Alfanzo Sci-Fi Pack
Collection by: Honorary Alfanzo
A Science Fiction Mod pack.
Soup Tour Guide
Collection by: jacobthing
A collection of maps made by me requested by Luigi.
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by: ♒Vinyl Scratch♒
This is a gather up of all of my addons
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