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Containing item: "[SNIPER] As.50 Bloodshot Camo (BETA)"
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NxE's Collection of collectioness
Collection by: Euphorekt
Mods and stuff that replace everything, sort of.
my awesome weapon mods collection
Collection by: john the rock johnson
[Guns] Bloodshot Camo Collection (WIP)
Collection by: Ghost
Default L4D2 Guns with Bloodshot Camo from CoD:Black Ops II *WORK IN PROGRESS* ============ Includes: -M16 -SPAS-12 -As.50 -More to come.. ============
Left for dead 2
Collection by: DerpasuarusRex
This is my Left For Dead 2 collection that I think makes the game 100 times better than it already is :) Enjoy
My prefered mods
Collection by: Your Superiors
Just some of my favorite mods i like to play with.. most work on any BAD servers ( Best ava. dedicated).
mein kit
Collection by: [DE] ɞʟѧċҡsһѧԀowstѧя
my kit
FIrst mods and such
Collection by: Zabootan Pikes
Just my first collection of L4D Mods! Just an amateur collection.
Collection by: Chris
Collection by: Moist Cake
Mods we use for L4D2
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