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My Favorite Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for Left 4 Dead 2 that i thought were cool and wanted to share them with others in one convienient collection credits go to their respective owners
7-elephant's L4D2 Weapons Collection
Collection by: [LPG] 7-elephant
My collection of L4D2 weapons
Collection by: aesp51
this has every (worthwhile) deadpool mod on L4D2 so far. i'll add them as they come along, if you know of any not here, please comment and let me know. To make your game a little more deadpool.
PandaNeko's Collection! >:D
Collection by: ~Menma :p
Its Fun! :DDD
Alex's L4D thing emporium. Yep. Good.
Collection by: Alex
*Insert witty remarks here* 10/10 - IGN.
Collection by: Deadpool221
All the deadpool mods
Ninja Pack.
Collection by: Saeko xGaming (no laptop) :(
If you answer yes to any of these questions then subscribe to this pack... 1. Ever wanted to be a ninja? 2. Ever wanted to kill zombies? 3. Ever wanted to kill zombies in a ninja suit? I hope you wanted to... I can help... Thanks to the epi...
L4D modpack
Collection by: Mpdestroyer
my items when i play
Collection by: Vandaal-Saint
Collection by: SE.emesto4
This completely fills everything. (ignore the conflicts)
Left For Dead Realism Pack
Collection by: Yarr #VACBanned
A more realistic L4D2.
Left for Gurren
Collection by: Tekran
You know you like, yes?
bubscast Let's Play
Collection by: Demonic King of Diddling
This collection contains only mods that are featured in bubscast Let's Plays of Left 4 Dead 2.
Mods that Make Left 4 Dead 2 Better
Collection by: EmpressAeris
Just a bunch of random addons I use for my Steam games. Yes their genius and yes, there's a German Shepherd in the picture because German Shepherds are amazing!
Left 4 Dead 2 Addon Pack (Very Random)
Collection by: [DERP]TrevorPhillips
Cookie's Collection
Collection by: Sir NOMNOMsalot
My L4D2 add-ons.
My lfd2 collection
Collection by: Niggafish1248
Bilbro's Subscriptions
Collection by: [DG] Schmidty
This is a collection of all the addons i have for my friends
My Favorite Mods
Collection by: DJxReonordo
Best mods out there imo :D
Collection by: Voltransexual
Some Zombie-Related Jimmy Jams
Collection by: Straw Hat Luggy
Because what's survivng an infected whorde without these essentials!
Arc Kill Squad
Collection by: whydoyouwork
My fellow co workers.. Subscribe to this list so we're on the same page.
postsnivy's pack
Collection by: Hodor
Bradley sucks willies
Collection by: Tyrone The Thug
Stas download dis shiet
Left 4 Dead 2: The Future
Collection by: Xeno$niper
I chose to change the theme of L4D2 to be more futuristic, with different characters, zombies, weapons, and more! Some things i couldn't change to look more futuristic so i went with something different for some things. Hope you enjoy! :D
mints random shit
Collection by: Pasttable
random shit
Collection by: asatoR biceps
Have you ever wanted to be Deadpool? Well sorry for breaking it for you, but there is only ONE Deadpool in town! But if you want to, you can dress up like him and paint some nerf guns black and red.
This is my collection
Collection by: SirFluffyPanda
FOr all my friend
realistic and best colection
Collection by: *A-H* picarica456
realistic textures and sound :)) have fun
Collection by: Bankai
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