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N30's l4d collection
Collection by ☆N30☆
Left 4 Dead 4 Days
Collection by Wrathcaster
Multiple gun and character/special infected re-skins. Items in this collection can be played two different ways. First with Super Hordes and Walking Dead turned off, allowing for special infected skins to come through. For more challenging gameplay, grab ...
OG Nerds Super Cogscaps LFD2 Mod Pack
Collection by OGNerd
Collection by TheBurningSamurai
SBLA official L4D2 modpack
Collection by Unknown-senpai
Collection by Blaze1950
Za prijatelje
l4d2 workshop
Collection by Lvl25Magikarp
ManiacJack's Left 4 dead Addon Pack
Collection by GenericMerrick
Have this... I guess.
Left4Dead 2 Mods
Collection by ♫Tifa♥
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