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Collection by: King Pepe
Collection by: King Pepe
Silent evil 2 xD
Collection by: Sephidin
L4D Stuff
Collection by: ZombieKilla
L4D 1y2 Apocalipsis para perturbados
Collection by: Lord Kur
Cosas variadas para hacer el juego mas interesante y divertido. Todo esta puesto perfectamente para no sobreescribir items, armas etc... asi que puedes bajarte todo el pack y jugar sin tener que tocar nada más. Simple y sencillo. Espero que la disfrut...
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by: ♒Vinyl Scratch♒
This is a gather up of all of my addons
Collection by: jonasistking1
Aliens and some fun
Collection by: Sebastianos Ionnides
This is just a collection that My girlfriend and I use, its another collection we found plus some stuff we like its mainly AVP/marines I like these mods, they work togehter. I made nothing. the Fire axe and the mac10 mods are elvated damage, remove...
Admiral Larino's Favorite L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Admiral Larino
A collection of mods that I, Admiral Larino, personally use for L4D2. These mods are hand-picked by me, for the purpose of working together to fit a sci-fi zombie survival theme.
100% Death Metal
Collection by: Gezuecht
100% Death Metal
100% Aliens
Collection by: Gezuecht
100% Aliens + better Graphic + Metal!
l4d2 random stuff and such
Collection by: Revolutionist
It's randomized deal with it
Left For Geordi 2
Collection by: CalTheGhostOfChristmasSpy
This is a addon collection for mah friend, Geordi Lagoon.
My Custom Apocalypse
Collection by: SCP-173
My mods
Collection by: GamingAurora (Le Youtuber)
Left 4 Dead II Cheeseburger Apocalypse
Collection by: Ch€3$Ebürger Apocalypse
Cheeseburger Apocalypse FTW
Mods we should try out
Collection by: WhiteBoyJenkins
This is just something I made for my friends and I. It's just mods I want to play with them. xoxo Based Bruce
Collection by: Totally Not Dead
My mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
Let Lemon's Live! Pack
Collection by: Draekoon
Left 4 Dead Army Edition
Collection by: Cyane
Eine kleine Mod-Sammlung um das Spielerlebnis zu verändern.
Collection by: Ogres have layers
My addons
Collection by: Insanity
This is just for a friend that wanted my addons
The Tator Thots Thumb
Collection by: The Tater Thot
Psychosymtomatic col
Collection by: Psychosymptomatic
add ons i subscribed to for gaming pourposes. hopefully they work in offline.
Left 4 Dead (2) Addons
Collection by: Dark Repulsor
This collection consists of all the addons for Left 4 Dead (2) that I've downloaded.
Collection by: Hoof Hearted
CrackerZach's Spooky Zombie Collection
Collection by: SpookyZach
For people who give a fuck.
Deal with it.
Collection by: SentryGuard
Yeah just deal with it.
Collection by: ElectroCatCluster
L4D2 Shenanigans (Special Infected)
Collection by: Nico
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