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Sci-Fi/Horror pack
Collection by Red
Download this collection..... IF YOU DARE. This collection includes: - Aliens - Mutants - Demons - Various Maps AND MORE! Player beware, you're in for a scare.....
Collection by yeet
i am a goofy goober for sure
resident evil 6 characters and infects
Collection by komando
resident evil 6 characters and infects
Dezibels collection of L4D2!
Collection by Dezi the Warwolf
The collection of the one and the only LPDezibel from youtube!
Collection by theHalfman
Left4Dead2 Change the Game Collection is meant be a one stop SubscriptioN that will overhaul the look, sound and feel of the game while staying close to the original's playability. All of these Mods work together Perfectly in VS servers. - All Survivors,...
Pollón soltero!!!!!!!!!!!
Collection by OldLupus
Cosas varias raras
Collection by Felanna Eraani
Stuff I need to redownload due to a weird error... yet again.
A Consolidation of Practical Mods and Reskins for Refined Gentlemen (Left 4 Dead 2)
Collection by Not Cthulhu
Coolest and most form-fitting stuff I've found in the Left 4 Dead 2 workshop, all compiled for your convenience. Most items here conform to Left 4 Dead 2's current style (I.E. reskins make sense / are practical for their characters, weapons, special in...
Dalty's scary colection
Collection by George Oh-well
Umbrella Corporation
Collection by Cappugino
Dalty's Space collection!
Collection by George Oh-well
Collection by PSeuDo
L4D2 Texture Overhaul
Collection by Blake Belladonna
A big collection put together by me (Terrah) with a new texture for nearly every Weapon, Special Infected and Survivors. I take no credit in creating the actual addons itself, I just took the time to add them to this collection for people's convieniance....
Collection by PonySutra
Sendo's Crazy Mod Collection of Crazy Things
Collection by Sendo
Guns, guns and more guns.
Wei Qi's Collection
Collection by Hooked in the Gobber
Personal collection of mods for L4D2, meant to expand on the game's base content, both graphically, and audibly.
Collection by habalkris
Collection by Fwuerve
In this most useful pack, you can phuck titties!
My Baller Swagger Collection of so fucking Future
Collection by TGIchronic
Just something i wanted to share with friends
Multivers of Gaming
Collection by thehot2k
les franchises se rencontre
Resident Evil Collection
Collection by Matulaak
A bunch of items making L4D2 feel more like Resident Evil.
L4D2 collection
Collection by Andrea
Collection by Count Chocula
Wølfi's L4D2 Kollektion 2014
Collection by Wølfi's Inkompetenz
Eine Kollektion meiner persönlichen Lieblingsaddons. Für all diejenigen die nach meinen Addons fragen...
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Sinedd
Collection by Diasruptor.KILL 'EM ALL [PT]
Resident Evil
Collection by Foxy, the Butt Pirate
All mods apart from maps for L4d 2
Collection by Ragnar Lothbrok
This has all the mods i have apart from the maps for l4d2 which are in a different collection!
Collection by [JPN]Sinnya
Coop Fun
Collection by Doc Hussey
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