Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Containing item: "Napad - Resident Evil 6"
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dr l4d2
Collection by: Bertverderrie
cool l4d2 stuff from vic
Collection by: (¢λλ)Victor325
fun l4d2 stuff
Left 4 Dead II Cheeseburger Apocalypse
Collection by: Survival of the Fittest
Cheeseburger Apocalypse FTW
alex take this
Collection by: fryguyfern
Zombie Slayers
Collection by: Cpt.0bviouss
This collection has some of the best Zombie slayers from different games and movies, Mix up your team a bit with Shaun, Leon Kennedy, Clementine and much more. This also includes weapons, infected and sound mods. Hope you enjoy this collection
Addons for dicks
Collection by: [2BAO]Orkon
If you're a dick then download.
Resident Evil Pack
Collection by: OrignalTAG
A collection with all appropriete Resi mods for Left 4 Dead 2. It also has extra mods like different sky boxes, 90's jukebox, better L4D1 campaign loading screens and more. For Left 4 Dead 1 characters, it has Sherry from Resi 6 and also other character m...
Collection by: Travis
Get These Mods
Collection by: Knight
Don't use this if you don't know me, you can, but this is just for file consistency for people I play with. Feel free to check it out.
Mi colección de add-ons para L4D2.
Collection by: Ellie.
L4D Co-op Pack
Collection by: Ryu
Have what I have.
Collection by: 송가연내꺼♥
Collection by: Bean223
Left 4 Dead 2 Addon Megapack
Collection by: The Catoptromancic Crucible
This collection uses all the shit I use. It's pretty cool.
Collection by: 후이주이
L4D Stuff
Collection by: ZombieKilla
L4D 1y2 Apocalipsis para perturbados
Collection by: Lord Kur
Cosas variadas para hacer el juego mas interesante y divertido. Todo esta puesto perfectamente para no sobreescribir items, armas etc... asi que puedes bajarte todo el pack y jugar sin tener que tocar nada más. Simple y sencillo. Espero que la disfrut...
The upgrade
Collection by: Nexaras
This collection is for those who just want to change the game, upgrade it. It is a complete pack and i may still make some changes to it. Feel free to send suggestions of what to add/remove I will take anything into count. you only need to sub to a...
Aliens and some fun
Collection by: Sebastianos Ionnides
This is just a collection that My girlfriend and I use, its another collection we found plus some stuff we like its mainly AVP/marines I like these mods, they work togehter. I made nothing. the Fire axe and the mac10 mods are elvated damage, remove...
Collection by: jonasistking1
Hellish Future
Collection by: Solarus
This is the expirience I attempted to create hell in the future, of the year 2025. Now, this is my first collection I have done here on steam, so I hope you enjoy! By the way, don't expect to see any FPS arms for the special infected, a boomette model, or...
Mods and stuff
Collection by: CadiasFinest40k
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