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Hellish Future
Collection by: Solaris
This is the expirience I attempted to create hell in the future, of the year 2025. Now, this is my first collection I have done here on steam, so I hope you enjoy! By the way, don't expect to see any FPS arms for the special infected, a boomette model, or...
Epic HD / Realism and Graphic Overhauls
Collection by: Squishy Puff
This Collection includes all add-ons that are Conflict-Free (well some conflicts but confirmed still works together) with each other with High Definition and Graphics Over-haul add-ons as well as replacements for characters, weapons, special zombies and s...
Workshop is the worst thing ever
Collection by: Lain
Lipton mods
Collection by: JackFire
Несколько модов для удобства игры
Left 4 Dead 2 Gamenight
Collection by: The Legendtaker
Game Night
Collection by: GamerManPerson
Kitty Time
Collection by: [GBT] Nemesis
Collection by: Breacher
Collection by: Kannibal
A collection for use when playing with Cardinal Gamers group.
L4D2 Server Pack
Collection by: Jay
This isn't for you.
Collection by: GHOST<3
Collection by: Chenzs108
【求生之路2】的【生化危机6】官方僵尸模型Mod。 依次代替Charger,Tank,Boomer。
Ru's Collection :D
Collection by: Faulnis
My Resident Evil Pack
Collection by: stormypopcorn
MY stuff for RES EVIL 6
Collection by: IRON DINGUS
Mods For People
Collection by: Astengar
News team assemble
Collection by: ianpanz
Collection of mods for me and my friends
When Steam Breaks My Shit
Collection by: Yaeger The Cybernetic Wolf
This is a collection that I am making for myself so I can more easily re-download all the workshop addons that I use because Steam has not once, not twice, but three times emptied my workshop addon folder and made me have to redownload them all, so rather...
Cholmes266 Good mods
Collection by: Harry
A mishmash of mods, no sub to all button cuz they conflict, but are still awesome to mix and mash
Package for the drevs
Collection by: Ludvink | GnR
Dracrius L4D2 Weapons, Players and Zombies
Collection by: Dracrius
My Favorite Weapons, Players and Zombies
Collection by: Harry
Updated mod list for friends
Collection by: facestab
The Realism Collection
Collection by: bignacho
This is just a collection for my selection later.
Collection by: Blaze1950
Za prijatelje
Collection by: Awesome Sauce Will
BloodbathGaming's Insanity Mod Collection!
Collection by: BloodbathGaming
Random mods all clumped together to make everything a little more insane... Have fun!
Collection by: Jocomitsu
SBLA official L4D2 modpack
Collection by: Unknown-senpai
Visual collection!
Collection by: Phi Bay Hạ Diều
Just the mods that add the fun in visuals
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