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Jim's Collection
Collection by: Raven
Just the mods I've decided I enjoy. All credit to their creators. Also, thanks to those creators
Dom's Shitty L4D2 Collection
Collection by: 20XXX Dungeon Master
This is just so me and my buddies can share a cool L4D2 experience, and so we can all see the same shit too.
Collection by: CrazedTaco
Funnies and whatever
Collection by: Dinghole
fist me hard before u go summertime sadness
Assorted Stupid Thins That Makes Things Stupid As Hell
Collection by: BUT DAAAAD
The Mods I Use
Collection by: Fish
Fucking shit
for lan lads
Collection by: Jacken
just something i put together from Left 4 Dildos: 2 Kawaii to Live, Sugoi to Die
Left for Dead Mods
Collection by: Gummy Worms
Hard Knock Dead
Collection by: Doctor Slim
Collection by: Capn Pancake
The Space Pirates Collection
Collection by: Slurpee #にゃ~
This is the group of addons that the Space Pirates use!
My personal mods
Collection by: Typhoon
mods that I use
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: The Original Xray18
My personal collection of Left 4 Dead 2 modifacations. *REMINDER* Some of these will not work together, so make sure to use your favorite mods 1 at a time, if marked red!
Infected Skins and Sounds
Collection by: Im a Cop
My favorite skins i want to be able to find later
Collection by: Lil' Hatsune Miku
Collection by: RelaxedKraken
Shits and Gigs
Collection by: HalfwayDead
Just some add-ons that make me giggle like a school girl.
things im using
Collection by: theduckysaur
looks good and its tough
fer david
Collection by: Shartnado
fer le david
insane left for dead
Collection by: Solunex
Left five dildos three
Collection by: LegitMLGeneral Pantsu™
How do I L4D2?
Collection by: Mozzerto
Is this even L4D2 anymore?
Collection by: CrazedTaco
Collection by: snax
Collection by: The CS:GO God Krab
Judas's Stuff
Collection by: Judas The Conspiracy [SYOF]
So my friends can have the same.
I Bumped The Cartridge
Collection by: Damianaid
Just something I packaged together for when friends and I feel like having a laugh on Local.
My Fave Mods
Collection by: [NSFW] Master Heartfire
Just a collection of my favorite mods
Collection by: Karltastrophe
The perfect Troll mod mix
Zer0x_Gravitys Modlist
Collection by: Zer0x_Gravity
My L4D2 Mods
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