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My Left 4 Dead 2 Sub items
Collection by: xCommandox1997
everything i have subbed to
Left 4 Tom 2
Collection by: Shadow Runner
Left 4 Tebbys Too? Collection
Collection by: DerTebbers
The mods used in my view of the TebbyBear co-op play of Left 4 Dead 2.
Reener's Collection of Left 4 Deading
Collection by: Reener (L.I.)
Just a collection of L4D2 Mods I use.
Xzain TV L4D2 Addons
Collection by: Xzain Key
Addon's the Omega Lambda Videos' Crew uses in L4D2.
Collection by: Click_Click_Boom[GER]
Collection by: Dapipo
Collection by: Sexual Assault Panda
The Aetherreaper
Collection by: greystonegorilla
Pretty awesome stuff
Ck_H's L4D2
Collection by: Ck_H
For my friends to see what Workshop items I use.
TrinityWolfeGaming LFD2 Pack
Collection by: Shimo Istalri
Left 4 Dead 2 Scrub Pack
Collection by: Shimo Istalri
l4d2 stuff i like
Collection by: oO8 Skulls 8Oo
addons i use
CrackerZach's Spooky Zombie Collection
Collection by: SpookyZach
For people who give a fuck.
my addons
Collection by: zee
L4D2 Uniduo
Collection by: [Uniduo] Jack Benny
Just some stuff to make playing with friends easier if they don't have the right mods.
add ons
Collection by: #SHIAPOUFZ
Collection by: BATMAN
Survivor Model Pack
Collection by: Gphazor
A small pack of addons that replace all of the characters in a campaign
Resident Evil
Collection by: ASurrealEntity
Enhanced Experience Pack
Collection by: Rocket2235
Just a collection of all the mods that I use, each of them are compatable and I think they give the game a better look and feel to it. Hope you enjoy! Almost everything in game is changed with the modpacks so make sure to check before you install some of ...
Proper's Collection
Collection by: ProperAttorney
For GirlDawg only
for LFD2
Collection by: Calaquendi
lefity four dedy
Collection by: Kazuya
Mirrored collection L4D2
Collection by: Abyss
My list Mod
Collection by: Lore♥
Left for dead 2 Mods i use
Collection by: DokiDokiPanic
Mods i Use in left for dead 2
Collection by: Chenzs108
【求生之路2】的【生化危机6】官方幸存者模型Mod。 依次代替Zoey,Nick,Rochelle,Coach,Ellis。
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: BearShark #SumTingWong
for left 4 dead 2
L4D2 Character Skins
Collection by: Wingzero431
A collection of character skins I like to use in Left 4 Dead 2.
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