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Classic Special Infecteds
Collection by: SenorDJButterCups
For those who have played, loved and missed the special infected from Left 4 Dead, you will be happy to know that you will be able to play them again with these addons. These addons includes the classic four playable special infecteds featured in Left 4 D...
Collection by: jmz #boosting service #keys
A realistic \ FUN! super MEGAPACK for L4D2. Not every item but acouple might conflict if subed to all. So just choose the ones or one you want. And remember to rate up and HAVE FUN!
¤¤¤best infected skins collection¤¤¤
Collection by: Mongoro
this is the best collection of infected skins. they are not made by me but they are cool..... soo enjoy. have any questions or suggestions just tell me i WILL answer.
Left 4 Dead for Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: The Webtastic Spider-Man
So did you mess up your L4D2 with add-ons, getting rid of any inch of seriousness it had? Miss the old days of L4D1, but don't feel like playing L4D1? Well look no further! This collection fixes those problems. This collection adds a Left 4 Dead 1 experie...
survivor and infect skins
Collection by: komando
survivor and infect skins
Left 4 Dead 1
Collection by: jaM
These are not my items but I think this would make left 4 dead 2 feel like left 4 dead 1
L4D Remake
Collection by: aHungryNegr0
Any mods, scripts, UI's that restore the original games feel.
AmazingCat's favorite addons for L4D2
Collection by: TheAmazingPuppyCat [R.B.]
Welcome to my collection! If you are interested can download them! Good luck :3
L4D2 - Survivors/Infected
Collection by: lil_meow
Sub-collection for survivor/infected skins and sounds.
The origanel
Collection by: Ali G
For fans of the origanel left 4 dead.
My top picks (Better blood not included)
Collection by: Ali G
My so called "Elite" picks to add a new feel to the game.
My game add on's
Collection by: =JFF=Psychotic
These add on's is use to make my gameplay better in left for dead 2
Gojira2014 Subscriptons
Collection by: Godzilla
Collection by: [MRK]Blazedd
L4D1 addons for L4D2
Collection by: juan444
L4D1 meets L4D2
Collection by: DarkLM
This pack basically brings elements of L4D1 into L4D2. I do not own any of the skins nor do I take credit for them. Credits go to the original authors of their respective skins. Enjoy! This version works in Single-Player and Multiplayer. ** (NOTE: Only pi...
Special Infected Skins
Collection by: Gphazor
A few weapon modifications
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