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Anime 4 Otaku 2
Collection by: Inquisitioner
An personalized collection of anime-related mods to give you the ultimate girls vs zombie experiance. Notes: Please give credit where its due and rate up the mods you like and all mods are compatible with one another from this collection. Game will rea...
Left 4 dead 2 Anime style
Collection by: Neko~Gamer ̂ ω ̂
In this pack i've searched and brought most of the anime stuff in the workshop together as well as i could, here you can choose from a variety of items to make your Left 4 dead 2 game cooler than it is now. ^-^ All of the items shown here, i didn't do t...
Collection by: ҜĭłєÞє
I am doing this collection that will add almost everything in L4D2 in anime. Among these animes are: -Add: -Bat ) -Cricket bat ) - HOTD (Highschool of Dead) -AK47 ) -Scar Light ) -Tank music ) -Machine soda...
Scar-kun's collection of L4D2 anime mods
Collection by: 『 Scar-kun 』
Just some randome anime mods, there's a little bit of every thing, i keep adding things to this... so come back and there might be more things here, i dont own any of these mods so.... yea
The Full Weeb Pack
Collection by: Macaroni™
ayy lmao
In The Bag's Fanatic L4D2 collection
Collection by: You Weren't Ready
Yes, this collection includes all guns, infected and survivors as well as a lot of other shit. Enjoy! Also, if some mods seem to be interfering with eachother, take care in what mods you have currently installed. I remove mods here to add new ones, which...
Alucards Animations Collection
Collection by: Alucard VAC killed
Meine zusammenstellung von Animationen (Animes, Mangas Und Games) für l4d2
Fox dead playlist
Collection by: KeyNote
It's for stupid LAN sillines.
Collection by: Macaroni™
Magnificent Sausage Rolls
Collection by: Mikoto
Aiva's L4D2 Anime Mod Collection
Collection by: ☾ᶜᵐʳ | Sylveon (Aiva)
Any Anime Mods I have come across. They will probably conflict so you can get them all but remember to disable/enable when necessary. Note: I simply display the add-on's. I take no responsibility for their working/nom-working status nor for their conte...
MaikOlszewski's Steam Workshop Subscriptions
Collection by: Mr. Maik
All my Fav Items Skins UI-AddOns and other
Collection by: MagnificentOven
Full the most epic shit i can get my hands on! none of this stuff is mine its just of collection of things i like all credit goes to the creator of these wonderful addons for left4dead 2.
kirby's left 4 dead 2 collection
Collection by: kasumi.kirby
Shark's Waifu Collection
Collection by: ilovesharkpeople
+ nic cage
For Liam
Collection by: Sunfish Senpai
Kawaii Killing Time
Collection by: Mr.Dougdurson
Workshop is the worst thing ever
Collection by: Ensoi
BioBen9250's Collection of Scary and Nerdy Mods
Collection by: Benji Seiza
Ay yo Wher tha wite wmoen at
Collection by: Mecha_Rainbow_Godess
this is a pack imma send to a friend but ya can use it if ya likee
Stuff for Me
Collection by: Leggo My DFC
Collection by: Phil Nye the Science Guy
Collection by: Tonokaku
My mod
Collection by: wsouleater
Rwanda Genocide Surviors Guilt
Collection by: Gumball
Rwanda Genocide Surviors GuiltRwanda Genocide Surviors GuiltRwanda Genocide Surviors GuiltRwanda Genocide Surviors GuiltRwanda Genocide Surviors GuiltRwanda Genocide Surviors GuiltRwanda Genocide Surviors GuiltRwanda Genocide Surviors GuiltRwanda Genocide...
Collection by: Whole Horse
Game Changers
Collection by: Coin of Silence
THIS mod pack gives your game an extreme makeover! NOTES: Some add-ons may conflict with each other because of "thumbs.db" colliding in one or more add-on VPK's. DO NOT COMPLAIN to the original authors about it. It is a glitch file and not actively us...
Treasure of gentlemen
Collection by: Evil Gold
These are my favourite ones.
praise the tele
Collection by: MittensTheFeared
나는 빡빡이다
Collection by: Tonokaku
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