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Containing item: "Death Mountain Part 5 of 6"
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GCN Campaign To-Play List
Collection by: {GCN} wisey
Pixel Pack
Collection by: Pixel Katana
Left 2 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by: ConcreteJesus
Tenzor's Standard-Issue
Collection by: Tenzor
All the custom maps we play with
Collection by: feuerwiesel
Shit Ive downloaded
Collection by: pyro472
This is for y'all, David, Max, Cayman, and Weldon.
Maps i Like
Collection by: PK Freeze
Michaels Colection
Collection by: Alice in flames
Das ist Michaels Collection
Collection by: gorgonzolada
Einlanders Playground
Collection by: einlander0
Maps on my server.
Campaign Map Collection
Collection by: Gphazor
A Collection of maps meant for campaign use.
Collection by: look at Dirac on her
Kevin and Kyle get these!!!
Collection by: OnlyOneTryhard
SERZA de los Muertos
Collection by: Sharkopath
A collection for all of your zombie hunting needs.
l4d maps
Collection by: Overkill
good maps
The Humble L4D2 Mod Bundle (Mods I use.)
Collection by: Boborifics (Feel Good)
Here's the mods I use, All Great Mods, but *some* may break the immersion for some people, i just think that the ones that do are pretty cool, and you have a diffrent point of view from that so I don't care. (Warning: Conflicting Mods, just turn the Mods ...
map a moer
Collection by: Misaky
mes map cri
Collection by: j.scott.bellows1
Friends only
Collection by: Skull
Maps and Campaigns
Collection by: Ekztul
My personal collection of additional maps and campaigns.
Mapas 1
Collection by: Asariel
Pack de mapas creado para mis amistadoes con contenido no original mio.
This is for my friends.
Collection by: Danky Doodler
This is a list of items for my friends to download. Disclaimer: Note i did not create or own these item. Please do not claim i am plagiarizing for the love of pickles forth defranco.
Download These
Collection by: Ant71598
Best Mods Ive Found So Far
download this shit
Collection by: SPITFIRE 118xxx
Edchina L4D2
Collection by: Edchina
Coleção de todos os mods/skins/custom maps que eu uso em Left4Dead 2 para meus amigos baixarem se quiserem jogar comigo. Muito epicidade nessa coleção, baixem. Clique em 'subscrever a todos' pra baixar tuto. Vai demorar um pouco pra baixar e quando ab...
death mountain pack
Collection by: Dchan the Eevee
i am not the creator of this map
all the zelda things
Collection by: thelostzelda
I needed all the zelda things. So I put them in a collection so it's easy for my friends to download and play with me.
fun pack
Collection by: The Cryptograph
stuff that work's together i like
DarkzLink's Left 4 Dead Collection
Collection by: |:3|Darkz
A collection made by DarkzLink.
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: TacoMacSupreme
Just mods I've acquired and use.
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