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Doktor's armory
Collection by: Dok̨tor haus̨
This collects all the weapon mods I've released on the workshop. Some of these include sounds, and some have optional HUD icons. Fancy! --------------------- TERMS OF USE --------------------- If you break any of these terms, I reserve the right to ...
Gilboron's Mod Collection
Collection by: Gilboron
These are the mods I use. Or something. The items in this collection are only mods uploaded to the Steam Workshop that I use unedited! I also use these following mods: Weapon mods, with sounds removed: - ACOG LAM M249 (http://www.l4dmaps.com/details....
The Dukes!
Collection by: [TD] Rowlboy
Can you see what I see?
Collection by: The Mystery Mann
A collection for my friends and I so we see the same things.
Collection by: CrazyTrain
For the greater good.
Collection by: JooJ
Dezibels collection of L4D2!
Collection by: Dezibel[recruiting]
The collection of the one and the only LPDezibel from youtube!
Orange Butt Sheen's Mod Pack
Collection by: PUPPY FUCKER
A mod collection for fun for friends............................................. SALT.
Shits and giggles
Collection by: PhoeNix
Pretty much mods that make playing the game less serious and more entertaining
My L4D2 addons
Collection by: Sureshot (LOVEMEPLZ)
If ur interested
Tonteria varias
Collection by: virtual_jager
Aqui hay skins basicamente de p011as y de otras cosas sin senti do como por ejemplo: de teletubis, de justin biber (no bieber analfaveto de mirda) XD. bueno Ya saveis a reir un rato con estos skins packs de sonidos etc..
Yosharry's Addons
Collection by: Yosharry
My addons for Left 4 Dead
Awesome small collection
Collection by: Dms110
Just a small collection of mods for my friends :)
Crazy L4D 2 Pack
Collection by: Freezer
L4D2 mods
Collection by: Arokh Zero
My collection of L4D2 amusing mods.
KILLMENOW's mod collection
Collection by: COMME des FUCKDOWN*
A collection of mods I gathered to make my game a hell of a lot fun.
Collection by: E1337N00B
cat cat cat
Collection by: jimmy rustles
cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet
uber and friend pack
Collection by: Can i steal your cats?
shit for you guys
My l4d2 Collection 2
Collection by: ~(WoE)~ [AFB] - Rolling Rammus
my mods
Collection by: Not Edward Snowden
Real Kool
Collection by: MoBiUs231
Things that make the game better in my opinion.
Mein Left4Dead2
Collection by: bernv+|walter
A es de eff!
stuff for ian and richard
Collection by: MightyLittle
l4d for that crack smoking nigger bitch faggot trent
Collection by: [1CPA] brothem0n
niggz gand wus her
näitähän nämä
Collection by: rUSINALAPSI
for all my freinds
Collection by: Na'Vi.MegaJesus
this is for my friends
CH33z's Cool Pack And Stuff
Collection by: Teh CH33z8URgr
For my Friends
Michaels Colection
Collection by: The accomplished
Das ist Michaels Collection
Jim's Collection
Collection by: Chop Fooly
Just the mods I've decided I enjoy. All credit to their creators. Also, thanks to those creators
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