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Call of Duty Stuff
Collection by: ShavedFanatic
Call of Duty! Get your Call of Duty gear here! Ramirez! SUBSCRIBE TO THIS ASAP! MOVE! Check out some of my other collections for other game if you have the time (if you don't, check them anyway)! (Portal, Half-Life, Borderlands, etc.) *TAGS* C...
Realism l4d2
Collection by: Chris
Its for all the people out there that want a good looking L4D2.
Mods that make the game turn to Awesome!
Collection by: Kitty
For people who can't findawesome mods!!!!!!! Credit for The people who made these mods :)
L4D 2 - Realistic and Badass Style
Collection by: p4TRON
Left 4 DOOM 2
Collection by: Razor Volare
A collection of Weapons to make Left 4 Dead 2 feel more like the DOOM Franchise. Weapons in this collection will be composed of DOOM's weapons real world counterparts, even from the DOOM movie. (At least as close as possiable with what the workshop has, p...
Banzaii's mod pack :)
Collection by: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Paczka modów do gry Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Jetstream_John
weapons, skins, sounds.
Collection by: (C) FatheredPuma81 [DZGZ]
Its my colection not urs!
Bearblood's collection
Collection by: Bearblood
Just a collection of mods I use, made for sharing with friends when playing with them
my left 4 dead files
Collection by: JakeThePhysicist
personal files of mine
Stabby's mod pack.
Collection by: Breezieburn (ʘᗩʘ')
Just for some friends, ignore this. Or dont, basically aims to retexture everything possible. Lighting, weapons, items, NPC's, survivors. Blah blah.
L4D2 mods 12.28.2013
Collection by: werewookiee [LUE]
My L4d2
Collection by: MattHazmatt
Collection by: Mr. Sugar
also boobs
Things and stuff
Collection by: Tobio 3630
Just a bunch of mods I've got that make the game more reaslistic in my opinion. Some of them are actually just things that I like, and a lot of them are custom campaigns. No conflicts though, so go ahead and subscribe to everything if you want. (It says t...
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