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Best of the Best (Weapons, Skins/Textures, and Animations)
Collection by Kaka Karrot Kake
Best mods. All compatible. Let me know if there is anything you want me to add or remove and I will check it out!
Collection by Rowel
Mod pack made for people with zombiefobia but still want to play l4d2 SOUNDS ARE 80% Zombie free only regular zombies have normal sounds and the boomer L4D2 Mario infected pack will say it conflicts with diddy kong, it doens't...
Left 4 Dead Crazy Shit
Collection by RichjhAlex
funny shit
Meme World
Collection by Aerial Ace FiM
Just a collection of random bullshit.
Realism l4d2
Collection by ✪ Chris
Its for all the people out there that want a good looking L4D2.
Gemi 레포데2 맵, 패치
Collection by GEMI
-애드온 목록- Team Health Counter (HUD에 팀체력 표시) Starbucks Coffee (Pills) (알약을 스타벅스로 ㅋㅋ) -맵목록- 우주맵 Space Jockeys The Return of the Jockeys 유적맵 Wormwood Mob Stadium 2012 서바이벌맵 -...
Stuff for a more 'cinematic' experience.
Collection by sdpad22
This collection contains a list of modifications from various modders which will (probably) enhance your experience with the game.
Gordons awesome mod collection
Collection by Gordonvenegas
This is collection brings together a bunch of popular mods from the workshop. From military grade equipment to goofy costumes gun reskins and UI to help make your game as awesome as possible. Note i'm always checking for problems and consistancy errors or...
The Fun Stuff
Collection by Jimbow
This is a little pack for just make your game more fun and funny.
L4D2 hbg
Collection by ei☁
Mods that make the game turn to Awesome!
Collection by Ciel Phantomhive
For people who can't findawesome mods!!!!!!! Credit for The people who made these mods :)
Custom Pack
Collection by Jamwes
Just a few random mods that make the game way funnier
Funny Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by SmoothSushiMan
A collection of funny Left 4 Dead 2 Mods guaranteed to make you laugh.
Русская коллекция)
Collection by (O.B.D.S) ☭Yuriy☭
Тут собраны самые полезные моды, все кто хочет подписывайтесь)
Dead Funny
Collection by Hermal
Some call this junk, me? I call them treasures.
Dumme Kacke
Collection by O.Tze Loc
Voll mit dummer kacke
Blvd. Night's Mega Mod Collection V1
Collection by Blvd. Nights
What makes this interesting? It's what makes L4D2 more vibrant, funny, and killing zombies funner! I use most of these but they are all not compatible with each other (it is possible to run the game without lag or crappy frames with most of these on) and ...
Sir Joni [GER]
Collection by Sir Joni [GER] [TRADING]
hunter aaron brady
Collection by sanic
L4D 2 (Noobs)
Collection by (>'_')> Collonidian
내가 쓰는 것
Collection by Mr.Grape
내가만든것 아님
Collection by Luna
Workshop items used by the LasPegasus team. All credit to the respective owners of each item.
For the Lols
Collection by Wraith
Funniest mods I could find.
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Diagonal for tumblr
Collection by AshlynnArias
KILLMENOW's mod collection
Collection by Mithrandir
A collection of mods I gathered to make my game a hell of a lot fun.
Custom l4d2 mods set
Collection by mr_sushi_ninja
Ronan's crap box: Left 4 Dead 2 Edition!
Collection by Sir Alan Sugar Tits
A hearty hello from the brain cells that compile the madness you see before you, with the *success* of the garry's mod crap box i decided to create yet another collection in another one of my favorite games: Left 4 Dead 2 this collection is considerably s...
team Payday
Collection by Deever
Real Collect
Collection by B1ackKatana | Knife to meet you
Collect 4 my self
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