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Exotic weapons and designs
Collection by: z-impi
- Weapon designs - texture replacements - Model replacements - scripts - user interface - combination of mods tested for bugs - campaigns included
BAM's L4D2 Collection
Collection by: BAM
Collection by: Neptunium
Pleasant FX
Collection by: aHungryNegr0
A collection of varying textures, weapons, sounds...etc that I found enhance my experiance.
Collection by: Cujo (AT)
All the best skins addons and more for a new gaming experience
L4D2 Stuff
Collection by: •̪̀●́Lunatic•̪̀●́
Cheeki Breeki 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Dåyman
Left 4 Dead 2
My Addons
Collection by: Missgeburt ツ
Collection by: ☢ COCO ☢
All other collections fall short.
Collection by: Blodarn
Collection d'objets, et cartes pour les bros !
Better L4D2 - Survivors
Collection by: Dark Raider
a list of mods who makes the game experienes better. mostly visuals.
My Downloads
Collection by: The British Bard
Stuff I've downloaded for L4D2
Collection by: BATMAN
My Realistic Addons Pack
Collection by: Alicatzpjs
(PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT MY ADDONS) These As i think are the most realistic mods that i own. Exept Doge,And Etc lol this is mostly a personal pack for my freinds.
For GAB and Paige and Monkey!!!
Collection by: Check my $tyle
this for my 3 friends monkey gab and paige
Collection by: A1waZ
Collection by: | shro |
needed a place to keep track of all my mods..
Cthulu's mods
Collection by: Hivemind56
a collection of a whole bunch of different mods and maps to be sorted through for your tastes.
Die Ultra Kollektion [Erweiterung]
Collection by: TheSpaceChimp
Nur für die Besten...
Komakalle's Collection
Collection by: KomaKalle
Nach Sichtung der 4,069 Einträge im Workshop, habe ich meine bevorzugten Mods in diese Kollektion gepackt. Diese Kollektion enthält NUR Modifikationen für die Charaktere, Waffen, Gegner sowie die Umgebung.
Personal collection
Collection by: Rul3zr
These are just mods that i use graphics and story content
Allen and Friends
Collection by: Allendium
Just a collection for friends
Collection by: Neptunium
hd mods :)
Allendayum's house o' humps
Collection by: Allendium
dr l4d2
Collection by: Bertverderrie
Judas's Stuff
Collection by: Judas The Conspiracy [SYOF]
So my friends can have the same.
Random L4D2
Collection by: KirbyDot
Personal Collection of L4D2 Mods.
Darthdader's Mod Collection (Not Mine)
Collection by: Darthdader
Bombers Stuff
Collection by: [Qtl]Bomber
Addons to use with my friends
For a Friend
Collection by: poisonwiifrog
here you go for a friend
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