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Containing item: "Boomer played by Michael from RoosterTeeth's RageQuit"
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Left 4 Jaykin 3: Super Sugoi Adventures Episode 2
Collection by: Sajuuk~
Recommend playing in a listen or locally hosted server. Some mods included require sv_consistency to be set to 0. Pack contains over 1gb of content, you have been warned. Assuming you have no other subscriptions, the following items which will flag...
Comedic Throwback Mods
Collection by: Shiz
Nerdy throw back mods for nostalgic assholes like me. P.S THEY'RE FUN I did Not make ANY of these mods, please refer to the right hand side to view the Authors.
The collected dead
Collection by: Chiron Maximus
That which has died will always be accepted here.
The Awesome Collection
This collection will bring the most awesome things into 1 collection. This will include skins, canpiagns, guns, CI replacement, SI (specail infected) replacement, and so much more. If you are looking for a collection that only have awesome stuff in it we...
Sneaky Squirrel's Subscriptions
Collection by: Sneaky Squirrel
This is just the set of workshop items I am currently using. I love all of these, but your mileage may vary. Updated fairly frequently. Many, many thanks to each and every author in this list.
Bill-X's Hotdog slap pack
Collection by: Bill-X
If you need your dog slapped, this pack is for you.
Chaos original
Collection by: BlazingChaos35
Dem modz
Collection by: CatatonicRose
left 4 dead 2 collection
Collection by: Commander Caudill
My Left 4 Dead 2 Mods of Derpy Goodtime Fun
Collection by: Commander $exy
For my buddies to see
buubles panda nancy l4d2
Collection by: The Panda
Mods Coise
Collection by: Astro Sloth
Fun Sounds
Collection by: Fluffy N1gger
My Mods
Collection by: /r/Sean
Le mods xDDD xDDD
Collection by: WombRaider
My mods for anyone that wants them. xDDD xDDD le XD
Download dis shit yo.
Collection by: How To Train Your Dagon
For personal use only.
mints random shit
Collection by: Pasttable
random shit
Collection by: GanWoHowIn
-=NAM=- L4d2
Collection by: -=NAM=-Lagger
for nam members
For the lolz
Collection by: Wraith
A compilation of the funniest mods I could find.
My Nightmare
Collection by: ryanlm09
A collection of mods I like to mix together for my single player playthroughs. All credit given to the creators of the mods.
Lel 2
Collection by: Mekrani
Drunkie's L4D2 Mod Pack
Collection by: DrunkenSoviet
Just a random mod pack I will use with friends on my local server I host.
Rage Quit (Roosterteeth) Pack
Collection by: (sick)Honey Bunches of Swag
A pack relatign to rooster teeth things.
Collection by: J E S S
Mods that Make Left 4 Dead 2 Better
Collection by: EmpressAeris
Just a bunch of random addons I use for my Steam games. Yes their genius and yes, there's a German Shepherd in the picture because German Shepherds are amazing!
Collection by: The Baddest Angelos
best mods
Collection by: I am a Fence
just mods
For group use
Collection by: HanShotFirst
I dont care
Collection by: SHR3KT
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