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epic mods!
Collection by: Sebastianator
This is all the mods of my friends and others please rate thanks! if you do you ROCK
Gangnam Style - Tank/Concert/Credits Music
Collection by: WiZ
"Everything replaced with Gangnam Style music by PSY" Tank music and a short music clip for safe room Concert music and stage poster of PSY Ending credits music All together makes a fun and entertaining game and a great concert!
Waffen Die sie brauchen und wollen!!
Collection by: ...
Hmm das sind L4D2 waffen die einfach nur geil si d und mir gefallen bitte aboniert es wenn es euch gefällt
Drunk Wasp
Collection by: Spaniel
A collection of mods that will change your Left 4 Dead experience to resemble something out of the dreams of a 5 year old.
my favorite addons
Collection by: dashy8494
this is asortment of addons from their respected owners this is to make it easy for my friends to get what they need to play with me
Tank Mods
Collection by: Rub3z
A collection of my favorite sound and music mods for the Tank in one place. The music that plays when a Tank is on the attack is ripe for replacement with themes that can help accentuate his dramatic presence, or even make you look forward to the next tim...
Friendo Pack 2.0
Collection by: Evil Jesus
This pack is filled with awsome mods for friendos to play together, involving a hitler hunter doing a nyancat imitation when attacking you... well thats the most extreme one rest is guns, skins, music replacements and campains / maps :D "And as always, T...
Collection by: eng
D20 approved
Collection by: D20
Mods that I use/intened to use to further enjoy my l4d2 addiction
cool stuff
Collection by: Dark Lord Chin Chin
if you wanna make your game funny this is what you need
Hard Knock Dead
Collection by: Doctor Slim
Collection by: Shrek's Booty
Left 4 Dead 2 Maps
Collection by: Mr.PugsAlot
All the Fun Maps
my favorites
Collection by: furios34
Mirrored collection L4D2
Collection by: Phazon
Left 4 Dead 2收藏
Collection by: [TW]MiniYung
JoShScUr 2
Collection by: JoShScUr
Nick Cage
Collection by: The_Fallen_Pie
Hehe, wrong game
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