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Ellis Survivors
Collection by Splinks
Model Replacements only effecting Ellis
Killing Floor Collection
Collection by ☪ Serdar the magnificent
There might be more in the future. Enjoy.
Magical collection of my L4D2 addons
Collection by IRA LOBBY [Moving]
Killing Floor Mod
Collection by St3ampunk Cristhian
Todo lo que necesitas para jugar al Left 4 Dead 2, para que sientas jugar al Killing Floor
survivor and infect skins
Collection by komando
survivor and infect skins
Ninja Pack.
Collection by MAN LOVIN......PENIS OVEN!
If you answer yes to any of these questions then subscribe to this pack... 1. Ever wanted to be a ninja? 2. Ever wanted to kill zombies? 3. Ever wanted to kill zombies in a ninja suit? I hope you wanted to... I can help... Thanks to the epi...
Collection by {AGRP} rckivol
Collection by |{CLG}| Mr Vos
gaming set
Reapers Ultimate Collection
Collection by ☠The_Grim☠
Just the mods i use hope you all like :) Just hit (subscribe to all) :)
The Awesome Collection
Collection by Ard-Rí An Domhain
This collection will bring the most awesome things into 1 collection. This will include skins, canpiagns, guns, CI replacement, SI (specail infected) replacement, and so much more. If you are looking for a collection that only have awesome stuff in it we...
My Favorites
Collection by tplesetz
Horzine - Modpack
Collection by Cappugino
Collection by Otsiphem
Custom Character Collection
Collection by Rose
I will find custom character/packs on here and put them in one pack for everyone to enjoy. Also including reskins and zombie reskins etc...no weapons reskins only NPC and Character reskins.
Fumble Collection
Collection by Fumblewatt•
Kewl SHizniz
Collection by Sers
my awesome weapon mods collection
Collection by the rape train
Hell On Earth
Collection by MAN LOVIN......PENIS OVEN!
I would like to give 100% of the credit of these items to their respected owners... I didn't make these items, I just saved you the time of searching through the Steam Workshop, trying to find cool mods.Want to improve your left 4 dead2 experience?...
Left for dead stuff
Collection by DrangonBion
no credit to me
Fun Stuff
Collection by smeghead
Yur_Man_7 Items and Campaigns
Collection by EMan666
Created this to make it easier for my gaming buddies and I to stay in sync.
Fun L 4 D
Collection by Fallen Ninja
Master Chief's mods
Collection by N7/Isaac Clarke
My personal mods that I use.Some have conflicting files,but it still works together.Made for my and friends use.
l4d 2 mods
Collection by Vestara Kels
Left For Real
Collection by Blayne
Cool Shizle
Big ol pile of workshop mods
Collection by hertz18360
This should mimic the email sent. Should have several new maps, new weapon mods, and a few misc files; incl the Benny Hill sound mod for Witch & Tank.
Collection by Breacher
Left 4 Dead 2 xKoRsAr4iKx (2)
Collection by xKoRsAr4iKx
Dannys shit
Collection by REG
Fun stuff.
pew pew beep boop
Collection by Bootés
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