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Containing item: "Simo's Left 4 Red (CONCERT)"
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Simo's Stuff
Collection by: Simo Hayha.
This is the Left 4 Red collection, now has both concert and all over sounds. Just subscribe all and you will have Left 4 Red.
Gordons awesome mod collection
Collection by: =TWT M=Gordonvenegas™#MGSV
This is collection brings together a bunch of popular mods from the workshop. From military grade equipment to goofy costumes gun reskins and UI to help make your game as awesome as possible. Note i'm always checking for problems and consistancy errors or...
L4D2 Favorites
Collection by: [trr]FaunJohn
Cheeki Breeki 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Pied Piper
Left 4 Dead 2
The Russian Collective
Collection by: Dean "Rocket" Hall
Mods that add Russian related content.
Collection by: 実★ーjohnson
my addons
Collection by: santini santino
Left 4 Fun 2
Collection by: ex33s1
The description will be added soon... Note: There is No teletubbies mod in this collection, but I prefered to set up them as logo. P.S. The collection is not complete and has not been tasted yet.
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: Maikeru85
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