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Containing item: "Slugga Boyz replaces Charger (SOUND)"
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Collection by: Vandaal-Saint
Removing the gore and zombies from a game about gore and zombies
Collection by: [XIRP]SunTzu
I made a collection of all the mods i have installed... it makes the game living room safe, replaces a bunch of stuff with fallout themed things, changes the huds font and color to fallout style, gives you exact numbers of your teammates health, some soun...
L4D2 Crazy Pack
Collection by: puNDuKE
Crazy, strange, and unusual things you will find in L4D2
Good Times
Collection by: Glass Ass
Random collection
Collection by: VindicarAssassin
all credit goes to the creators of the mods
Steel's subed mods
Collection by: Steel, King of Argonians
Collection for friends to sub to :3
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