Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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xCal's L4D Approved
Collection by: T$WFTY
L4D2 Big Pack O' Random Mods
Collection by: |S00per| You'reVeryMoldy
I mod almost every aspect of Left 4 Dead 2 and switch mods very frequently. This list is also used to give proper mod names and credit for the mods used in my Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay videos.
justin's stuff
Collection by: HUNTER MASTER 3125
only mods or maps i like will go in this collection.
For my fellow gamers who like both like guns,killing floor,and more guns
Collection by: [Hydra]Cyco
Alll the best mods :D
Campaigns! For friends!
Collection by: Vector
Lots of campaigns to enjoy with friends!
l4d2 thingie
Collection by: Pokaemon
L4D2 Maps
Collection by: Mindrape ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Maps I play on L4D2
zero's l4d2 mod collection
Collection by: [DFS] Spyglass
this is just some mods i put together to make my game (or yours) to have a nice Awsome gameplay hope you enjoy these mods i have
Collection by: theflamme99 [Qc]
Collection pour les joueurs de Hermelin!
Dead World
Collection by: Guy with Glasses
Realistic weapons and zombie.
fun pack
Collection by: The Cryptograph
stuff that work's together i like
Collection by: Your Beloved Senpai
Collection by: onenewnail
Ну вот.
Collection by: [GFG]LemmingMan
Collection of addons on [GFG]BananaSplat L4D2 Server
loopy doopy collection
Collection by: .L
A collection for me and friends to play stuff on/with.. so frag off peeps
My Good Campaigns
Collection by: SP4RT4N029
Schneiders Beste
Collection by: Shey
Beste Maps vom Vergaser.
Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by: The RusBus
Stuff I found for Left 4 Dead 2
Things and stuff
Collection by: Tobio 3630
Just a bunch of mods I've got that make the game more reaslistic in my opinion. Some of them are actually just things that I like, and a lot of them are custom campaigns. No conflicts though, so go ahead and subscribe to everything if you want. (It says t...
Collection by: Wynter Payne
Add-ons yissss
Collection by: endlesssssssss
Various HDR skins, maps, weapons, etc
Lay Them To Waste
Collection by: PunishedCastiel
This should get you started...
Installed Mods cargomanatee
Collection by: HighTechpriest
Mods I've installed.
Left 4 Dead 2 Gamenight
Collection by: The Legendtaker
Game Night
L4D2 DarkAMD
Collection by: Manu ツ
Collection by: gorgonzolada
cool l4d2 stuff from vic
Collection by: (¢λλ)Victor325
fun l4d2 stuff
All my mods
Collection by: VanPeltz
left 4 dead 2
Collection by: OutLawDisaster
It makes your game more fun with new maps
Collection by: DD.Daiter
[DDSJP] Server Addons Collection
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